Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The I'm-Too-Lazy-To-Run-A-Contest Contest

Close your eyes for a moment and picture this (not literally, you goof, or you won’t be able to continue reading)…a world filled with people wearing brightly colored t-shirts advertising Boarding in Bedlam. Pretty exciting, huh? I thought you’d agree. Since borrowing Glenn Beck’s “sick twisted freaks” line and applying it to the regular group of readers who visit this blog, I’ve received several comments that lead me to believe that being a “sick twisted freak” is a badge of honor. Five, to be exact. And there’s been a couple of t-shirt requests. I can’t use Mr. Beck’s line on a t-shirt, but I can come up with one of my own. Or you can. Then we can print it on t-shirts, you can buy them, and we’ll all help the economy while Arby pays off his mortgage early.

It’s time for a contest. It’s time for a Design Arby’s Blog T-shirt contest. Well, not a contest, really. If it were a contest I would have to have prizes, rules, judges, etc. I’d be asking you to spread the word about this blog by blogging about the contest and encouraging others to come by and participate, all for the purpose of generating new readers. Of course, you should be blogging about this blog, encouraging others to become helplessly addicted to the riveting stories shared on this site. Running an actual contest sounds too much like work. So, let’s just say that I am soliciting suggestions, and we’ll all hope that I do not get arrested for solicitation.

Leave your suggestions for the best one-liner advertising Boarding in Bedlam in the comments section below. It needs to fit on a t-shirt, be semi-appropriate for wearing in public, and have my url underneath it. You may make as many suggestions as you wish. I was thinking, “I read Boarding in Bedlam, and I have the therapy bills to prove it!” Underneath that in smaller letters, http://boardinginbedlam.blogspot.com. My readers are usually far more creative than I am. All six of you. I’m looking forward to your suggestions.
On a completely different note, I have not provided a fat-boy weigh-in announcement in two weeks. I went to my Weight Watchers meeting last Saturday morning and weighed-in. The fat boy is officially 217.8 pounds, down 25 (don’t hold the applause!) pounds from when I started this program in May. I hit my 10% goal by losing 24 pounds. I also earned my 25 pound charm and my fifth gold star. My food intake is not much less than when I started, so I do not feel like I am starving. Well, on some days I do, but not often. I haven’t eaten the cat. Yet. My next goal is to actually get below 217 pounds, a task that I have found difficult over the years. I’m six pounds away from the half-weigh point. And the Boss told me that I’m losing my butt.


Kellie said...

How about this....

The Second Best Blog on the Internet,
The First Being

Just kidding, of course. I'll come back if I can think of anything serious....

Twisted said...

Better than a cup of coffee.

Actually, I just wanted to see if this thing will take a post from me.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, can't think of anything but boxes!! I had no idea that you'd started another blog. I probably totally missed it with all the moving, moving, moving, and loss of internet. We finally got internet hooked up yesterday and I was checking blogs, hubby wanted to know where your's was-he enjoys reading it too. He'll be happy to knowmichelle you have a blog. BAck to the world of boxes. The movers will be here in an hour with the storage stuff we haven't seen in three years. Heaven only knows what's in there!


jedijson said...

I caught that light, fragrant whiff of excrement at

Sorry. That's probably not appropriate. But the line still makes me laugh.

Kathleen said...

First of all, Congratulations on the weight loss!!

Second, I'm reading the comment above by Twisted. He/she already has the advantage in this non-contest because of his/her name. No fair.

Third, let's throw some more Glenn Beck in there:
Use some Common Sense
Read Boarding in Bedlam

And last, if you're losing your butt, I guess that's a no go on the Select Comfort bike seat? Or wait a minute...maybe that's an even better reason to invent it and set your Butt Number.

Brownie said...

My creative mind fails me - Something will probably come to me in the wee hours of the morning. But I won't get up to log on.

I read Boarding in Bedlam.... but I should have been reading One Old Mama....


Anonymous said...

Ok, so sadly you weigh less than me now. :( But seriously. Wait. That was serious.

Come join the insanity at

Anonymous said...

Just when you thought it was safe
to go back in the bathroom .....


CrossView said...

Come join the sick and twisted freaks.
We're all:

Congrats on the loss! And about the cat? I've heard tell of many good recipes.....

Anonymous said...

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