Saturday, October 17, 2009

Answers and Totals

A couple of you have asked me if I would share with everyone the location of the wreath in each picture that I have posted.  

On the first day of the contest, I posted a picture of Captain Chaos and Major Havoc sitting in a race car shopping cart in our local grocery store.   The wreath was in the freezer case behind them.  Nikowa's sharp eyes caught something that no one in the Arby household caught: my reflection in the glass on the freezer door.  Look to the right of the cart.

On day two the wreath was located on the edge of the wooden bridge in the upper left corner of the last picture. 

On day three the wreath was hidden amongst the flowers.

Crossview is currently in first place. Kellie is in second place. Kathleen is in a close third. Nikowa, Linda, and Toby round out the points board. There are still several more pictures to go, so anyone who can wake up earlier in the morning than Crossview or Jack Henry still has a good chance to win.

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Twisted said...

thank you from those of us who are computer illiterate - I didn't know we could click on the picture and have it blow up in front of my face.
Learn something new everyday.