Monday, July 26, 2010

Dear Boss

Dear Boss:

So, how’s the east coast?…I realize you are travelling and everything. And there was the really HUGE passenger next to you on the airplane who took up his entire seat and a part of yours. There was all that traffic that you sat in on your way to the hotel and the GPS that knew 49 states but didn’t know that Virginia existed. It sounded like you had a tough day when we spoke on the phone last night.

Gosh, I hope you’re having a better day today.

Yeah. Well. Do you remember that part of the wedding vows about good times and not so good times and sticking together during all of them? It was right before or right after the sickness and health part? I’m not certain whether it was before or after but you get the general idea.

Okay, so I forgot to empty one of my pants pockets that I thought was empty but really wasn’t when I washed a load of clothes tonight, and when I opened the lid to the washer to move the clothes to the dryer I discovered that I washed the checkbook.

Gee whiz, that plastic sure does clean up nicely. Almost like new. It’s pretty amazing how well the plastic holds up considering that the register and blank checks all but disappeared. Woosh.  Gone.  Vanished. Except for those little balls of paper fuzz on the clothes. You’d think paper would hold up better in the wash. You’d think. You’d be wrong.

I sure was.

I really love you. I reeeeeeally, really love you. And I miss you. I’m looking forward to having you back at home in a couple of days. After you’ve had time to reflect upon all the good times we’ve had together and the beautiful children we have. And maybe throw back a few drinks.

Did I mention how much I love you?



Anonymous said...

LOL. That's all. Just LOL.

Brownie said...

funny funny!

Give up the checks... online banking :) Hard to put that through the wash.

GingerB said...

She is gonna forgive you but it might be a couple days.

Becky said...

Funny story! ~ You should have done like Raymond did on "Everybody Loves Raymond", and faked a new one! ~ j/k! :0)

Oklahoma Granny said...

Funny story and I'm hoping the Boss sees the humor in it too but I can't help but wonder how big your pants pocket is. I'm not sure how you could miss a checkbook.

Teacher Mommy said...

A checkbook? In your pants pocket? Really? I'm hoping they were cargo pants. Or really small checks.

I washed my cell phone once. The phone did not survive. The SIM card, amazingly enough, did.

L. said...

Oh boy, does that ever bring back memories of the time my mother washed a load of brand new pretty summer skirts and blouses she had recently purchased for her three daughters from the Sears catalog after scrimping to afford them. She also tossed in a few of Dad's sport shirts one of which, it turned out, had a dark blue crayon that he used on the job in a pocket. Got the picture of the end result? It wasn't pretty.... The woman was an asylum candidate for a long, long time. :O)

TobyBo said...

Oh. Dear. I wonder if there would be a market for plastic checks, kind of like the rubber ones.

jugglingpaynes said...

LOL! Too funny! I'm so sorry you washed the checkbook, but...LOL! At least paper washes better than capless pens. That's happened around here. :o)

Thanks for the anniversary wishes!

Peace and Laughter,

S.K. said...

Ouch. And Granny, I know how a guy can miss a checkbook. It has something to do with that male mentality that everything they put their hands to is going to turn out just right..... lol.

Arby said...

Actually, S.K., it has nothing whatsoever to do with a male mentality about anything. I've been doing laundry for years and checking pockets, especially the boys’ pants pockets, is a critical step in washing clothes. Have you ever seen what happens to a wooly-bug during the spin cycle? Actually, what happened is far less ominous than any theories about the intricacies of the male mind. There is a word for what I did. It’s called an “accident.” I made a mistake. And if you read L’s comments above about her mother and a load of new clothes and a blue crayon, you’ll see that women make them, too.

The_Kid said...


As Brownie mentions - if your bank doesn't offer it for free. I've been using it for years. Impeccable service. I write one check every 2 months for the water bill since they're not set up.

If I never write another check, lick an envelope, or paste a stamp to same, it will be too soon.

L. said...

Ehhhh, I don't know about that, Kid. Personally I think putting all our stuff on line is a huge mistake, one that gives new meaning to the phrase major boo-boo. It's like saying, "Here dishonest world full of clever hackers and scam artists, here's my personal info so you can have at it and enjoy stealing and destroying everything I have worked for. I don't know when or if us lazy Americans will ever wake up and fight back or protect ourselves. There's no such thing as safety when it comes to computers. Banks can't protect us. Their systems can fail. Our medical records aren't safe or private no matter what claims are made. Laws don't protect us yet we continue to hand over our information so life is made easier for us and we don't even have to sit down and pay our bills. When it's all taken away from us, and it will be some day, our future generations will have no one but us to blame for the lack of freedom they will have. Orwell was no dummy. Is electronic technology wonderful? It sure is. But there's too many "wrong hands" in the world. Waaaaaay too many. We've got to stop making it so easy for them.