Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And Slim Jims

“Dad, can I have a Slim Jim?” Captain Chaos asked from the back seat.

“A Slim Jim?” I replied. “I don’t have a Slim Jim.”

“Dad, what are you grateful for?”


“Awwww, come on, you Big Kahuna!” she exclaimed.

The Captain is going through a developmental growth spurt. She’s making great improvements in her reading, writing, and thinking skills. The subject of gratitude has come up a lot since our Sensei gave us a homework assignment of writing three things for which we are grateful.  I decided to see how much she understands.

“Let’s see,” I began. “I am grateful for God, because He made us. I am grateful for Jesus, because He died to save us from our sins.”

“Yeah!” she chimed in.

“I’m grateful for your mommy, because she is my best friend. I am grateful that God gave us three wonderful children.”

“What are their names?” she asked, knowing the answer all along.

“General Mayhem, Major Havoc, and Captain Chaos,” I replied.

“Yep, that’s me!”

“So tell me, Captain Chaos. What are you grateful for?”

She didn’t hesitate a moment.

“I am grateful for daddy,” she explained.

“That’s sweet,” I told her.

“And Slim Jims!”


Michelle said...

Beautiful!!! Slim jims and potato sticks were a fav growing up. I don't think I've had either in about twenty years or more. Probably thirty.

And we're ever so grateful that God has blessed us all with all of our children....family....and wonderful and supportive friends, especially those we've formed friendships with via blogging.

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

Some Guy said...

Does she really call you Big Kahuna?

Kathleen said...

Hey, you gotta feel good to rate right up there with Slim Jims!

And I have the same question as Some Guy.

Arby said...

I think the Captain thought that "Big Kahuna" was some sort of insult. She's been calling me "Big Kahuna" for days, and I have no idea where she picked it up.

Brownie said...

I think my sister calls her her husband the Big Kahuna. I first heard that term watching Gidget.

Papa Bear said...

Captain Chaos sounds a lot like Brother Bear.

Khourt said...

Gotta love the slim jims :)

L. said...

This made my day.

TobyBo said...

I'm waiting to see if her firstborn is named Jim.

Marlis said...

Hi Arby, I've nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award, just share 7 things about you and pass it on if you wish!


Julie... said...

The girl must be educated on the importance of chocolate!
Slim Jims??? Me thinks she's been brainwashed by too many males :-)!