Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Time To Vote!

The I’m-Too-Lazy-To-Run-A-Contest Contest has been up for a week. It’s time to post the results and vote for a winner. As you will recall, I decided to run a contest to develop the catchiest slogan for Boarding in Bedlam t-shirts. My plan was to have the t-shirts printed, sell them to all of you, and use the proceeds to pay off my mortgage and retire at a young age. Okay, at a middle age. Don’t push it.

The results are in. Use the comments section to vote for the best t-shirt slogan. You cannot vote for your own. You may vote as often as you wish. Why not? I'm a benevolent dictator.


The Second Best Blog on the Internet,
The First Being www.thepiratemom.com

From: Kellieann, aka The Pirate Mom


Better than a cup of coffee.

From: Twisted Sister


I caught that light, fragrant whiff of excrement at

From: Jedijsn


Use some Common Sense
Read Boarding in Bedlam

From: Kathleen


Come join the insanity at

From: Nikowa


Come join the sick and twisted freaks.
We're all:boardinginbedlam.blogspot.com

From: Crossview


I read Boarding in Bedlam,
and I have the therapy bills to prove it!

From: Me


I read Boarding in Bedlam....
but I should have been reading One Old Mama!

From: Brownie

Vote early! Vote often!


Anonymous said...

I like #6 the best - tshirtwise.

#3 is in a tie, but I could never wear a tshirt with excrement on it.

Brownie (too lazy to sign in)

CrossView said...

I vote for #1

CrossView said...

I vote for #2

CrossView said...

I vote for #3

CrossView said...

I vote for #4

CrossView said...

I vote for #5

CrossView said...

I vote for #6

CrossView said...

I vote for #7

CrossView said...

I vote for #8

Kathleen said...

My vote goes to Nikowa's. Insanity? Just part of my life...and my life DOES include Boarding in Bedlam, so it must contribute somehow!

(Why can't I just vote? Why do I have to verbosely explain EVERYTHING??)See? Insanity.

Kathleen said...

I also must vote for Crossview because "sick and twisted" goes hand-in-hand with Insanity. And because that's how this all started anyway...sick and twisted.

OK...done voting.

Eat, Fart and Bark said...

I'll vote for 2. I too, can't handle excrements on a shirt. It's time for the wash if that happens.

TeacherMommy said...

#3 AND #7 because I'm a rebel.

jedijson said...

I'm voting for #3. 'cause I WOULD wear a shirt with excrement on it. I HAVE done it. Several times.

Long stories that I may share one day...

Oh, and, I agree with TeacherMommy. I like #7 too.

Eat, Fart and Bark said...

Oh, I've got it! You're Boarding in Bedlam at the Eat, Fart and Bark. Ya'll come back ya hear.