Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time Capsule Part I: Scattergories

While Arby travels to Chicago, please enjoy “Scattergories,” which originally appeared on January 22, 2008, on Arby’s Archives.

I have been tagged by Debbles and Nikowa. The game is called "Scattergories." Use the first letter of your name and find words with that letter. The number of letters in your name determines how many people you can tag.

What is your name?  Arby

4 letter word: “Ague” - a malarial fever characterized by regularly returning paroxysms

Vehicle: Auto-rickshaw

City: Assawoman, Virginia. It used to be known as “Assawaman,” but they changed their name. It is the sister city of Big Ol' Butt, Botswana.

Boys name: “Abir,” an Arabic name that means “The Fragrant One.” This really needs no further explanation, does it?

Girls name: “Abina,” meaning a “girl born on Tuesday,” “Aba,” meaning “Born on a Thursday,” and “Anuther,” meaning a “girl born on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.”

Movie: “A Night at the Opera”

Chico: “And a hard boiled egg.”
Harpo: Honk! Honk!
Chico: “Make that two hard boiled eggs!”

Occupation: Animal Breeder. Someone remind me to blog about “Gizmo” the English bulldog and his fondness for the animal breeder who manually collected his contributions to the bulldog gene pool.

Something you wear: Aluminum foil...around your contact the aliens

Celebrity: Archibald Alec Leach...Whom did you expect?

Food: Seared Antelope with Porcini Cream Sauce and Colorado Rustic Blue Cheese. It’s a great recipe, but there’s never an antelope around when you need one.

Something found in a kitchen: Aluminum wear around your contact the aliens

Something found in a bathroom: ‘Air spray, to hold your ‘air in place on a windy day, not to be confused with Air Spray, which is entirely under utilized in most bathrooms. In fact, I once put a Post-It note that read “Don’t Be Shy” on a can of Glade in the bathroom at my cousin’s house. I haven’t been invited to any more of his parties. I don’t understand why.

Reason for being late: A tire fell off the Volkswagen Beetle that I was riding in and we had to knock on doors until we found a gentleman who gave us a 16 penny nail which we used to replace the broken cotter pin that was holding on the tire. True story. Of course, it happened 16 months before I was late picking up my date for the senior prom. She didn’t know that. Instead of admitting that I was at an afternoon showing of Return of the Jedi, I told her about the tire, neglecting to add the part about the year-and-a-half time interval. I never saw her again after that night. Hmm...

Cartoon character: Atom Ant. He would check for his enemies in Atom's "Crook Book," shout “Up and at ‘em, Atom Ant!” and then defeat the bad guys. After he saved the world he’d sing:

“You don’t drink you don’t smoke,
What do you do?
You don’t drink you don’t smoke,
What do you do?
Subtle innuendo follows
There must be something inside he’s hiding”

Something you shout: Ahoy there, matey! Nice aluminum hat! Talk to any aliens lately?

Animal: Aardvark

Body part: Acronium

Word to describe you: Aberrant

I hope that I did not disappoint.


Kathleen said...

Arby, You never disappoint, even the second time around.

CrossView said...

I remember this one! LOL!

The tin-foil hats remind me of "Signs".....