Thursday, July 23, 2009

To Tan or Not To Tan...Why Not Have Both?

First, the Captain decided that she wanted to make pizza for dinner. So, mom set her up with some cool threads, a bit of dough and sauce, and some yummy toppings. The end result? A happy little girl.

Note the new French doors in the back ground. I installed them two weeks ago with the invaluable assistance of Councilman Newfangled. Maybe he installed them with my invaluable assistance. I'm not certain. We decided that if he had offered more services such as this during the campaign he would have found the 61 votes needed to beat Mayor Wrinkles. The councilman does great work!

Now, what is a girl to do once her tummy is full? Why, sunbath, of course! So, you change out of the pizza making threads and into the sunbathing threads, grab a pair of cool shades, and stretch out to catch a few rays.

Note the position of the sun.

("Hey, that's me!" the Captain exclaimed, seeing her picture online. "I was looking at the sky." -7/27)


CrossView said...

She is so adorable! And honestly? Those shade tans are so much safer - along with less sweating!

And I wonder if I'd actually enjoy cooking more if I had one of those cool chef hats?

Kathleen said...

She is a cutie!! And check out that sunbathing POSE! Priceless!