Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Feed The Python A Yellow Cab

Shortly before boarding the fateful flight that left him stranded on a south pacific island for four years, Chuck Noland and Kelly Frears sat knee-to-knee while flipping through their Franklin planners, trying to find an open date in their busy schedules. Last night, the Boss and I became that couple. No, the Boss isn’t pursuing a PhD and I’m not flying off to save FedEx from yet another shipping disaster, but our schedules are filling with so much stuff that finding an open night is a challenge. We sat at the kitchen table last night with our date books open, making sure that we both had all the important events and activities recorded. Between Karate, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Confirmation Class, I’ve decided to trade my Sienna for a Checker Taxi. I’m thinking of copying Homer Simpson after he ate a poison blowfish and believed that he would die in 24 hours when he wrote a “Things to Do” list that ended with “Make love to Marge.” Finding a date night with the Boss will be challenging.

I would worry about being on the go that much during the evening hours except for two reasons. The first reason is that we do not eat on the run. We eat dinner each night at our kitchen table as a family. That is important, albeit a little stressful, family time together. It will become a less stressful after the Major learns to eat faster than a python digesting a water buffalo and the Captain learns to keep her fanny planted firmly on her chair while eating instead of standing up to twirl and dance and leave spaghetti sauce hand prints on the kitchen wall between bites. She still believes that her hair is a portable napkin for wiping her hands, which makes combing that unruly mop an adventure. Hollandaise sauce is not a recommended conditioner. The second reason is that we homeschool. Our children are not out of the house all day, away from family, and then on the run in the evening, too. We spend all day together. A little time apart in the evening is a good thing. Still, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights are the nights that we need to jealously protect. It will be our time to hunker down behind locked doors and do…nothing.


Kathleen said...

Feeling that stress in this house too of heading in too many directions too much of the time. However, we too always have dinner together (and lunch unless you discount that due to the fact that I'm usually whirling around trying to pull together Afternoon School while the kiddos eat). Good luck as you begin a new year!!

CrossView said...

Amen! Knowing that we spend more hours together daily than most do in a week makes me know that it will all be okay. Well, that, and family dinners, too! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Yes, family dinners are a wonderful thing and very important to keep. We're finding the same struggles with our schedules, but have so far managed to keep some dinner time. We however, have a toddler that likes to climb off of her chair and dance on the table while eating, I guess I should be happy that her clothes are still on and there's not a pole on the table.
Glad your back to the "dark side"-homeschooling. Good luck with this year. We'll both be teaching three grade levels. I'm wondering how the old school teachers did it with an entire classroom of different grade levels.

jedijson said...

Oooooh everybody needs a water buffalo...

...erm, sorry. Saw your Sabu tag and that lyric immediately sprung to mind.

We love our family time around the dinner table, too. Plus, it's so refreshing to know that my little princess isn't the only one who washes her hair with various sauces, ketchup, honey, the list goes on. To go along with your Hollandaise sauce comment, I don't recommend ranch dressing. Plus, I just KNEW that others out there had children who like to decorate the walls with their food. I KNEW IT!