Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Saturday Morning Fat Boy Weigh-in, Part 11

“But, I liked being a chubby tub of goo!” my body whined. “Where’d that third chin go? You don’t look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy anymore. You look more like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man after being zapped by Venkman’s proton gun. I want to go back to being really fat! Go get some Krispy Creams!”

That’s what my body is telling me.

It’s frustrating, and this is the first week that frustration became a part of dieting.

Last week I broke even on my weight. I remained at exactly 214.2 pounds. As I wrote earlier in the week, after analyzing my eating I realized that I badly miscalculated my WW points. This week, I carefully measured all of my portions. I checked and rechecked my points. And, I reintroduced the “E” word into my life. Yes, the dreaded “Exercise.” Using a combination of biking and jogging, I put four hours of cardio into my diet program. I ran six miles this week. I biked countless more. I feel good. (Except for my thighs, which still wobble when I walk up and down a flight of stairs. I walk like a squib on his maiden voyage to Davey Jones' locker.)

So, why is it that I climbed onto the scale this morning and watched the numbers roll up to 213.8?


That’s a loss of a measly .4 pounds. Not even a half a pound! It almost makes you want to get naked and dive head-first into a super-sized order of French fries with a Coke chaser. Just try to get that image out of your head the next time you tuck into a Big Mac.

I’d like to say that .4 pounds was not worth the effort, but I need to keep focused here. Any weight loss is weight LOSS. That’s the goal, so the week was a success. I didn’t break even. I certainly didn’t gain. I’m just disappointed. After all that exercise, I thought I’d lose a couple of pounds.

I didn’t get fat over night. I won’t get thin over night, either. Over eleven weeks I have lost 29 pounds, which is an average of a little over 2.6 pounds per week. That’s actually a fairly good pace for weight loss, and if I steadily lost only 2.6 pounds each week for 11 weeks, I would be perfectly happy. So, for the record, I begrudgingly admit that I am happy.

If I say that enough times I might even believe it.

I did not see my meeting leader this week. She may have been there, but I did not go into the back room and weigh-in. I paid my fee, stepped on the scale at the front desk, had my weight recorded, and left. I might have remained for the meeting if I thought I was going to get some real assistance in breaking through this recent barrier. That alone makes me seriously consider some advice I received this week to demand my money back from WW. At the same time, using the program that I pay for I have lost 29 pounds, for which my heart is probably quite relieved. I will start looking for a new meeting for next week, a place where I can find real advice about weight loss that isn’t hormonally based.

And that is the Saturday Morning Fat Boy Weigh-in.


Kathleen said...

You know, right, that muscle weighs more than fat? Of course you haven't made significant loss this week with all that exercise!! Hang in there! You're doing great!

Michelle said...

You're doing great!! Don't give up now, even with the crazy lady at WW!!

I'll be joining you in a few weeks. OF course, I'll lose about 15 pounds rather quickly and then will be the dreaded remainder that I have to get off and the ten left from the fourth pregnancy. I will no longer be eating Krispy Kremes. I did without them for three years in Japan, you'd think I'd be able to handle it now. Hubby, however, is another story. We went by Krispy Kreme the other day and he insisted in not one but two dozen doughnuts. My scale and pocketbook were groaning, lol!!

Take care!! Carrots are yummy


CrossView said...

Ah! The plateau. But don't give up! You're doing great and you will get past that ugly part where your body holds on to that excess "just in case".

Big Mac's used to be a treat. All of a sudden, I'm not sure. Please keep away from my fries.