Friday, October 2, 2009

A Rare Guest Blog from General Mayhem

After sending Captain Chaos into General Mayhem’s bedroom to wake him up yesterday morning, the General requested the opportunity to Guest Blog today. He wrote:

I’m sure you all have heard enough about the Captain to know that she is a sweet and innocent little girl. Her brother, the General, agrees. Some Most of the time. That’s 85% of the time. The other 15%? The hatred of her wake-up calls. If you want to do a proper and annoying wake-up call, follow these steps:

1. Run in and announce,’’I am going to wake you up!’’

2. Get up onto the bed.

3. Assume the pouncing position.

4. Pounce

5. When you land, make sure you land in a belly flop. On top of the sleeping person.

6. Repeat the pouncing process.

7. If the pouncing process doesn’t work, call in a back-up. Your brother for example.

8. If your back-up doesn’t come, turn on the light.

9. Repeat if necessary

The General has this process done to him every morning. ( and he doesn’t like it very much)

Thank you, General Mayhem, for that service announcement. It’s late in the morning. Time to go wake-up the boy…


The Boss said...

She's just trying to get her room back since you took it over until your's is finished.

And if you woke up at 6am like her, you wouldn't have to worry about it, General!

Kathleen said...

As cute as she is, I don't think I'd like that type of wake-up call either. Wait...I do get that type of wake-up call only from 4 equally as cute human beings.

Twisted Sister in Christ said...

Worst wake up call I ever gave a person was my older brother. Way to go Captain! I used a trumpet. Now you know why I learned to run.

CrossView said...

Why is it that the youngest is always a girl and an early-riser? General, the brother in our house suffers, too. It does change as the baby gets older. Not better so much as just different. I feel for you even as I laugh! ;o)

The_Kid said...

Wowsa. That wouldn't have lasted long in our house when we were kids......
Though I do have cats pouncing on me every morning.

TobyBo said...

this makes me smile. :)