Friday, October 16, 2009

Where's the Wreath #2

Welcome to Buffalo Bill Cody Park in the middle of Leavenworth, Kansas.

It’s a nice little park.

There’s a running path for those of us who enjoy needlessly inflicting pain upon ourselves exercising to remain healthy.

This is where our running club meets on Fridays.

There is a nice playground for the kids.

There is a softball field for softball players.

There are two tennis courts for tennis players.

With all this stuff available for the children, do you know where all the children congregate?

Why, at the creek that runs through the middle of the park, of course!

So, “Where’s the wreath?”

E-mail your best guess to Please do not post your guess in the comments section.

Congratulations to Nikowa, Crossview, and Toby, our first, second, and third place winners yesterday. Nikowa sent in the correct answer in five minutes, Crossview in six. 


Teacher Mommy said...

I have decided to abstain from silly contests that make me want to tear my hair out by the roots. Spotting the wreathe obviously is NOT my forte, and while I was actually awake by the time you posted this, I was showering and hoping I might actually be able to get myself and the boys ready in time to make it to work today.

So there.

*pouts in the corner*

CrossView said...

I'd be climbing those rocks, too! LOL!

Twisted said...

Last time I saw it, you were running down the path with it bouncing off your back side. I think you ran out of the picture.

Linda said...

Why are you up at 3am?

Michelle said...

Well, I'm definitely not up and functioning that early. I'm am soooo not a morning person, which is why I'm not participating. Trey is loving the contest though. Could you post the answers the next day-for us ding-a-lings that can't find it?

Oh, and its still a "crick" not a "creek" -lol

Have a great weekend!! We're loving the contest!