Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where's the Wreath? Bob's Old House Edition

See the old guy sitting on the couch next to a very young Captain Chaos? That’s Bob. He’s my neighbor.

Bob lives in this house.

 He painted it a really ugly color. He painted it while a neighbor he isn’t too fond of was on vacation. He hoped that the guy wouldn’t recognize the neighborhood when he returned from vacation and would drive on by without stopping.

I thought he was looking for a color that would attract the attention of space aliens.

Bob has a beautiful garden. There is something blooming in his garden from early spring until late fall. You want to know his secret? Good soil. He composts. He adds gypsum to break up the clay. And manure. Nobody spreads manure like Bob. I tell him often. He tells me I’m a son of…he questions the legitimacy of my birth

But he sure does have a beautiful garden!

So, where's the wreath?


Kathleen said...

That teal color is not nearly as bad as the bright, bright, bright, bright, bright yellow some folks down the road (far down the road, luckily) from us painted theirs. And their neighbor has his house on the market. Either they love their neighbor and don't want him to sell, or they are just spiteful.

CrossView said...

I'd like Bob. Anyone with a garden that pretty has to be a good guy. ;o)

Twisted said...

I actually spotted it today without you having to tell me. YeeHaw. Didn't realize we haven't been in the neighbor recently.I haven't noticed Bob's house with the new color. Great job on the wreath hunt. I'm really enjoying the challenge.

Khourt said...

This is the first one I spotted on my own lol. Im glad Im not in the contest.. Id be losing quite badly