Friday, October 30, 2009

The Yellowed Rose of Kansas

Sung to the tune of “The Yellow Rose of Texas”

Oh, the Captain has bronchitis,
You should hear her hack and spew.
The Gen’ral’s throat is scratchy,
I think he has it, too!
The Major’s always hungry,
I think he has tapeworms.
He ate half a cow for dinner
Tonight we serve pachyderms!

Now, the Captain screamed, “He hit me!
Dad, will you get mad at him?
He hit me with a chair, right here!
Will you get mad at him?”
The Major pled his innocence.
“The chair fell on her back!”
“How did the chair fall on her, son?”




“It was sitting on my lap!”


Oh, my heart is feeling weary
And my head is hanging low.
It’s too early in the morning,
on just one cup of joe.
It’s time to start our homeschooling
We still have lots to learn!
I may just run far, far away
For the rest of this school term!


Kellie said...

I shamefacedly admit that I'm not familiar with that tune, but I still enjoyed the post. Hope things shape up there soon! = )

Teacher Mommy said...

I too am ignorant as regards the tune, but I laughed anyhow!

There's a reason I choose to teach high schoolers.

Oh wait. I think all these things just happened today in my classes.

Never mind.

Kathleen said...

Like Kellie and TM, I do not know it either, but I love your new lyrics!!

Hope everyone feels better soon. Take the day off. Put them in front of the TV (you're allowed to do that when they're sick) and lock yourself in somewhere where they can't get you.

If you need further advice, you know where to reach me.

CrossView said...

So you're having fun, eh?

I DO know the tune. My Dad was from Texas. It's as important to know as the National Anthem... LOL!

The BEST Yellow Rose of Texas

Hope all are well soon; those who are physcially sick AND those who are bordering on the mental illness of parenting....

Brownie said...

I know the tune! And I'm from the far north!

I always remember it (although I knew it before) from the Jimmy Stewart movie Shandendoah (sp?)where Jimmy was the dad and several of his children were killed. What a tear jerker of a movie.

But that wasn't what you were blogging on....

Good lyrics! I'm not that talented!

TobyBo said...

way back in 1978 I was working at girls scout camp wearing a watch (digital were kind of new then) that had an hourly chime that played a tinny version of The Yellow Rose of Texas. I got it at the bank when I deposited my paycheck.

I wish I had known these great lyrics.

Autumn Beck said...

How could you change *my* state song like that?? lol Don't you just love parenthood?!

Linda said...

OF course I know the tune, and couldn't help but 'sing' your lyrics.
You should get paid to do that. Write lyrics, I mean, not care for/teach your children.