Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day

In 1983 I left high school,

where I acted in a few plays.
That summer I wondered about my future while I sold hot dogs at an Orange Julius. I decided to enlist in the Navy

so that I could learn how to take a punch.

I was a cook on board a submarine for two years.  

This picture is probably classified. If I suddenly stop blogging it means I've been arrested.

After two years on the boat I transferred to Naval Support Force Antarctica.  I lived on the ice for one year at McMurdo Station

at the base of the volcano Erebus.
That tour of duty gave me the opportunity to visit New Zealand

and live on a sheep and cattle ranch for a week.
I served for five years.   I served with men who saw combat in Vietnam, and who spent more time underwater and on more submarines than I spent in the Navy.  They taught me what service and sacrifice means. Along the way, I learned a little about who I was and where I was going.  
I served.


CrossView said...

Thank you for your service!

I have a special place in my heart for Veterans. My Dad, Guy, our 2 boys (ok, so they're "men"), etc. I'm not happy if Guy has to work late. But I am thankful that he's home every night. There was a time...

Teacher Mommy said...

Thank you so much for serving our country! My grandfather, uncle, and uncle-by-(his)marriage all served. It gets me discounts once in a while. ;P

By the way, SO cool that you have actually been in Antarctica.

Also? You were a HOTTIE.

Kathleen said...

Happy Veterans Day, Arby! Thank you for your service. And many thanks to the Boss as well even though I know she is not technically a veteran yet.

Linda said...
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Linda said...

Thank you, Arby. And I have to agree with Teacher Mommy... you were CUTE!
(and what a striking resemblance to Major Mahem!)

Eat, Fart and Bark said...

'Thank you' for serving, Arby.

brownie said...

Thanks for your service. You are appreciated.

Kellie said...

Thank you, Arby!

Track-A-'Crat said...

Thank you for your service, Arby.

Looks like you had a wonderful range of experiences.

That's quite the shiner! What happened (aside, obviously, from getting whacked)?

Anonymous said...

Wow Antartica!! I'm impressed. How was that?
Thank you so much for serving our country. Prayers to our men and women that serve and have served. Prayers to their families!

The_Kid said...

Thank You Arby. Happy Veterans Day.

TobyBo said...

Thank you!

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Thank you!

GingerB said...

Hey Arby, you were indeed a hottie, I agree with TeacherMommy on that one! And thank you for serving. We wouldn't be who we are without folks like you. And by the way, those are some very attractive children you have.

silvermine said...

Thank you for your service.

And my 6 year old thinks that you are the coolest thing in the universe, having spent a year in Antarctica. (We just read a Magic Treehouse book that features Erebus :D)