Friday, November 27, 2009

The Tryptophan Blues

The Tryptophan Blues
(with apologies to real poets everywhere)

It’s the day after Thanksgiving,
And I just want to snooze.
My eyelids are feeling heavy.
I’ve got them tryptophan blues.

Heard the Packers play the Lions,
A game that they could not lose.
The Lions are two and nine.
They’ve got them tryptophan blues!

Cooked enough food for one army.
Ate enough food to feed two.
The seams of my pants are a burst’n.
I’ve got them tryptophan blues.

Today the blog world is slow.
Ev’ry one’s lost the muse.
No one is a postin’.
You’ve all got them tryptophan blues.

The weather is really nice.
I heard that on the news.
Goin’ out to string the Christmas lights,
And shake off them tryptophan blues!


Kathleen said...

Why should the rest of us post when you've provided enough entertainment here to go 'round?

Teacher Mommy said...

So do I count as enough of a poet to take that apology? You're forgiven. There's a bit of Langston Hughes in your work. A tiny bit.

And I POSTED, thank you very much.

Linda said...

Sing it brother, sing it.

CrossView said...

Forget poetry - that's songwriting at it's best! ;o)

Hope you got a good nap!

GingerB said...

When I find them, I'll email you the turkey carols my friends and I sing. I put some on a comment on TeacherMommy's blog once, but some are missing in action, presumed lousy. Since I know your taste, I'll give you a preview:

Oh roasting pan, oh roasting pan,
we hungrily salute you.
You'll hold the bird, our turkey bird
While its roasting in the oven
We put it in your shallow well
It's white and raw, it looks like hell
But when it's out we'll scream and shout,
Fighting o'er the golden drumsticks.

Oh noble pan, oh blackened pan
You make it look so easy
Oh noble pan, oh blackened pan
We can't wait 'til your greasy.