Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hey, Hey, Hey, It's...Fat Albert?

I like a good deal as much as the next guy. That’s why I like Leavenworth Freecycle. Leavenworth Freecycle is a Yahoo group that allows members to receive e-mails about items that are being given away for free by residents in our community. People list a wide variety of new and used items such as books, clothing, appliances, exercise equipment and furniture. There is no charge, just a request that you pick up the items that you want promptly. Freecycle is great for disposing of unwanted items. I’ve given away computer tables, TV’s, exercise benches, and a refrigerator. It saves a great deal of time and money on disposal fees.

So, I was very happy to see a listing for men’s jeans in my size. I contacted the poster and she agreed to leave the items in a bag hanging on the tree in her front yard. I picked them up today, three pairs of jeans.

The first was a nice pair of Old Navy brand loose fitting jeans.

They fit well.

They looked good.
The second pair was the Faded Glory brand of black jeans.

Black jeans aren’t the Boss’ first choice, but they are in good shape and they were free!

The third pair may be the best of the three.

Look at these pants. There are no holes, no rips, or tears. They appear to have little or no wear. They compliment the booty quite well. But wait, what is that on the right hip pocket?

Is it?

Could it be?

Yes! It’s Fat Albert! It’s the largest of the Cosby kids from that 70’s Saturday morning cartoon show, and his profile now resides on my right buttock thanks to the designers at platinum fubu.

I’m torn as to which direction I should go with this one. How quickly after reading this will the Boss tell me that she won’t be seen in public with me as long as I’m wearing these jeans? A nanosecond? This hurts, too, as Fat Albert was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. But, I’m thinkin’ that nothing says Kiss-my-A$$ more than this picture on the back of these pants, which is why I am seriously considering sending them to Crossview, since mistletoe does not last forever but her need to send a message might continue into the new year!

Anybody interested in pair of 36 X 34 platinum fubus?   Free shipping if you post of a picture of yourself wearing these jeans on your blog.




Teacher Mommy said...

Gratuitous photos of your a$$ to start out my day?!?! Be still my beating heart.

You're right, actually: they all look quite good on you. But the whole Fat Albert thing...Hmm.

You could always cover it up with an iron-on picture of The Boss.

Oklahoma Granny said...

I would love it if we had a free cycle group in this area. I'm familiar with Old Navy jeans and Faded Glory jeans but have never heard of Fat Albert jeans. Is Fat Albert making a comeback?

Mrs. A said...

Nice a$$. Happy Wednesday morning to me!! I just about choked on my juice when I read '36x34'. That's Mr.A's jean size! If I ever thought I could trick him into them, I'd take them in a second. Alas, he is too quick and clever for my antics. So save yourself the postage.

I think the Boss should give you a trial period with the Fat Albert jeans. It's not as though the embroidery is overly flashy or colourful. I bet noone would notice unless you point it out to them. Or, you could always take a seam ripper and pull out the embroidery. Then the Boss would have to be satisfied because your jeans wouldn't have a picture...and you would still be stylin' in jeans with only a shadow of Fat Albert to keep you company.

Have a great day, Arby.

Kathleen said...

I have noticed, Arby, that you take any chance you can get to include some butt shots! Now how does the Boss feel about that, my friend?!

And those Fat Albert jeans totally ROCK!! I'd get a little wear out of 'em before shipping them off to Crossview if I were you!

Arby said...

Kathleen, I have gobs of pictures on this blog, and with the exception of a picture of a Christmas wreath hanging from my belt, these are the first official Arby's butt pictures. In fact, these may be the first butt pictures of any kind. You must have me confused with another homeschooling dad, maybe one who is obsessed with his fanny? There won’t be any “face time” for those jeans in this house since I received the official word from the Boss this morning that she won’t be seen in public with me if I am wearing those pants. Butt, since you think the jeans, rock, and I do have your address…

TobyBo said...

this is now the third time I've been to this post. I just don't know what to say.

CrossView said...

"FUBU (For Us By Us) Urban streetwear- label known for their following among rap artists."

You. Are. So. Gangsta. =/

Did you actually say "booty" in this post?

And, uh, thank you but no. Really.

Though the idea of "Kiss My Albert" gave me a giggle!

tsinclair said...

I'm with Kathleen...they rock!

Linda said...

HA. HA. and oh, HA.