Friday, January 29, 2010

I Don't Have A Canary, So I Used A Guinea Pig

You know that warning that comes on so many products, the one that says you should use it only in a well ventilated area? Yeah, they are serious. I inventoried my paint locker yesterday and discovered that I have 3 cans of Kilz primer. I have no idea how I came across three cans of Kilz primer. Two of the cans were Kils 2 low-odor primer while the third was the original - you’re snortin’ a fat marker - Kilz. There was no need to run out and buy a can primer for the bathroom walls since I had so much on hand. Which can do you think I grabbed for the small, windowless, fanless, bathroom, the low-odor primer or the original? Apparently, I didn’t think about it at all.

I noticed the aroma right away, but I’m used to it. I had the door opened or cracked the entire time that I primed the ceiling and walls. Still, with the job 95% finished I realized in an instant that if I didn’t vacate the bathroom immediately I would pass out from paint fumes. I had a momentary image flash through my mind of the Boss and the General playing Wii ten feet away but never noticing that I wasn’t around until they opened the bathroom door and found me doing a face plant the paint bucket. Since I do not want to spend my remaining years rocking in the corner and drooling on myself I stopped what I was doing without bothering to clean-up and headed upstairs to get some fresh air outside. I think I mumbled, “I’m sick” as I walked past the video contestants on the couch. I seriously hope that I didn’t kill off any of the important brain cells.

No amount of fresh air replaced the paint vapors that permeated the lining of my nose, and this morning I can still smell a faint trace of primer. I know my brain appreciated the fresh, clean, cold oxygen that I took in. Well, at least the fresh and clean part. The Boss went into the bathroom and completed the small portion of wall that I left unpainted. Even that little bit drove her out of the basement for the night. We spent two hours in bed last night reading and chatting until we were sleepy enough to turn off the lights.

This morning it almost smells normal down here. My canary in the coal mine, a guinea pig named “Reeses,” is alive and kicking. That means I will be able to paint the ceiling and the walls today. Tomorrow I can put my bathroom back together. That’s very cool. I will post pictures when I am finished.


Arby said...

Post Script

As I was climbing into bed last night I commented to the Boss that I hoped that I didn’t kill off any of the important brain cells.

“I hope it wasn’t the math cells,” she replied. “Those are the most important ones.”

“I didn’t know that you cared so much for my math skills,” I answered.

“Oh. Yeah,” she replied, after a moment’s hesitation. “Yours too.”

Linda said...

Such compassion. I can see why you married her. :) Let us know how that brain is working. We'll be checking for goofy blogs. Ok, that won't work..... more than goofy blogs?

Teacher Mommy said...

So which brain cells would YOU consider important?

Arby said...

Oh, the ones that control continence, for a start.

CrossView said...

Do I dare admit that I love the smell of permanent markers? Yeah, I'm a Sharpie sniffer.

But I couldn't handle a room full. Too much!

Glad the guinea pig lives. Definitely a good sign for you! ;o)

therextras said...

Knowing a little about the brain you have your pants on?

Made you look. ;)

TobyBo said...

that stuff is vile.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Don't know if I laughed more reading the post or the comments.