Friday, January 22, 2010

I'll Take Warm And Dry

My usual source for blog material has been quiet this week. The kids have been polite, well behaved, cooperative, and happy. You know…boring. They’ve been everything we hope that our children will be, and I sure do wish they’d stop. I have nothing to write about.

Both Fredd and The Kid left comments on my “Kajamas” post about using steam registers to fake a fever and stay home from school when they were kids. Doh! I grew up in homes with radiators. If it had ever occurred to me to lean over the radiator until my temperature rose a few degrees I would have been “sick” so often I would have repeated the second grade. It just never occurred to me. Dang!

Since the snow has melted the chickens have returned to running around in a vain search for something fat, wiggly and juicy to eat. I didn’t realize how much I was missing their presence in the yard until they spent a month-and-a-half inside their coop. I just expect to be able to look out the window at any point during the day and see the hens wandering through the yard, walking across the dog, or looking through the window at the people zoo. It’s been a year-and-a-half since we became urban chicken farmers, and I have to agree with the Boss that these are some of the best pets you can own. They are self sufficient. They let themselves out in the morning and put themselves away at night. They are friendly, fun to watch, and they give us eggs. I like the eggs. If they could teach the dog how to lay an egg he’d be the perfect pet. Chickens don’t fetch.

This weekend is the Boy Scout’s annual Klondike. It’s a winter tournament where troops from northeast Kansas compete in a sled pulling contest. The teams stop at various stations along a predetermined route and demonstrate their skills in fire starting, first aid, sawing, blind tent construction and ice rescue. Since all of our snow melted just in time for this winter event, we will see which type of sled is better suited to be pushed through driving rain and mud. There is a 70% chance of rain on Saturday. Our troop uses sleds with runners. Some troops have their sleds on wheels.

Since we are a boy-led troop, the boys in our troop are very good fire starters. They have to be. If they want to eat on a camp out they must gather fire wood, build a fire ring, start their fire, and cook their meals. We have regular fire starting competitions within our troop in a variety of weather conditions. Our boys can keep themselves warm regardless of the weather. They will be competing against adult led troops. I do not understand the logic behind adult led troops. In an adult led troop the adults do things like starting fires and cooking meals. The boys do not learn the skills, which defeats the purpose of scouting. Our little pyromaniacs look at fallen trees the size of a Winnebago and say, “Yeah, I can burn that!”

The General has been practicing his first aid skills for this event. At various times during the week I’ve walked into a room and found Captain Chaos in an arm splint, a leg splint, a full body splint, and wrapped in enough toilet paper to resemble Tutankhamen. She is a willing participant in these medical sessions, and she loves the attention from her older brother. It’s a win-win.

It really is unfortunate that I have this remodeling project going on at home. The bathroom needs my attention, and I still have another room to complete in the basement. Darn it, but I just won’t be able to camp in a winter thunderstorm. I’m crushed. I shared the news with General Mayhem that I would not be able to camp this weekend and he didn’t seem to mind. He misses the downstairs bathroom. He would rather have me complete the remodeling project than sit in the driving rain and stare at a camp fire. Well, I can’t disappoint my boy, can I? I guess I have to remain warm and dry.


TobyBo said...

aha! the silver lining to all the remodeling work you are doing!

Michelle said...

Love your new photo. Looks good!! Ah, too bad at not being able to camp this weekend! I did cub scout camping and thankfully packed up before the pouring rain started and flooded a few friends who stayed in it. I rather enjoyed my nice warm dry bed that night. Yet another reason we have the beast of a camper!
Have a great remodeling weekend! And no, I don't think you sent us the flu via computer. Ours seemed mild compared to yours. Knock on wood, we're all healthy now!

Brownie said...

I like the new picture! Although I do miss Cary Grant, I use to read your blog hearing Grant's voice.

Kathleen said...

Here's hoping your children become wild, impolite, unmanageable, and naughty! You did OK writing without general bedlam material, though.

Oklahoma Granny said...

See, I told you there's a reason things happen. Looks like there was more than one in this case.

I usually tell my husband what goes on in your house but I don't think I'm going to mention the chicken thing. He really wants to get some of the creatures but I'm not a fan having had some bad experiences when I was little.

I am kind of slow sometimes so I didn't understand your comment that my flamingo needs a yo-yo. Sorry, but it just went right over my head.

Have a good weekend enjoying your indoor work. Hope the scouts have a great one too!

Big Doofus (Roger) said...

I remember holding the thermometer in the hot water as a kid and it blew up in my hand.

The_Kid said...

Scouting remains my very best memories. Ever.

Nice win on ducking out on the weather.

CrossView said...

Poor you! Having to stay warm and dry when you could be having all that wet, cold fun... ;o)

Not only would I take warm and dry but I'd take boring kids, too. Makes me a bit more sane!

Linda said...

Brownie, me too! Such a Grant fan, I used to hear him talking to MEEE.........