Friday, January 15, 2010

Stealth Remodeling

We ended up with two extra sheets of sheet rock after I repaired the walls in one room of the basement. That gave us an idea. Since we planned on tearing out the paneling in the basement bathroom, it made sense to remove a wall or two early and replace them with the extra sheet rock.

So this

Became this

The problem with this plan is that when you find a broken switch box you have to replace it. And you have to do that before you can hang the new sheet rock.

Once that is finished, in order to remove the wall behind the sink you have to remove the vanity. Along the way you decide that the popcorn ceiling must be replaced so that the new ceiling matches the rest of the ceilings in the basement. The ceiling is removed and you get

That’s the problem with ideas. They grow. If you don’t get control of them, they grow larger and larger until before you know it, you’re remodeling a bathroom.

Due to weather and holidays, the garbage men were 13 days late in picking up our trash.  I kept adding bags to the pile until I was able to bag our walls and ceiling and put it on the curb.  I've discovered that I can throw away a house in the weekly trash, one room at a time. 

This bathroom is a bathroom that was designed to be 50” X 50” with a sloped floor. Why? Good question. It may have been to make taking pictures of the room darn near impossible.  I believe that the real answer may be that the original builders wanted a seam on each wall, plenty of wasted materials, and no square corners. Or they were drunk. Luckily, this was the condition of my last house, except with larger rooms, so I have experience repairing this sort of thing. It will look good when it is finished.

That's how I am spending my three day weekend.  What are you doing with yours?

Folks, in regards to some of your comments, I did not replace the sink with a toilet.  I was attempting to capture pictures of the walls.  The new sink and the old toilet will remain where the old sink and the old toilet are now. 


Big Doofus (Roger) said...

Based on your first two pictures it appears as if you turned your sink/vanity into a toilet. That's pretty cool. Midas could turn anything he touched into gold and you've got the toilet thing working for you. Nice!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Small projects turn to larger ones in our house too. Not only that but when my husband decides he needs a particular tool and goes to buy it he needs at least 3 other things to go with the one single tool he went to purchase.

You're doing fine work there. Keep it up and it will soon be done.

We're having fun this weekend. We'll be going to our son's house for a late Christmas celebration with our youngest grandkids.

Brownie said...

My weekend will be spent trying to tidy my house. Which is difficult to do on pain pills. Have I been mentioning that a lot? LOL

It is actually sunny over here; and it looks lovely outside - frosted trees and white glistening snow. I think I will order the kids outside tomorrow to build a snow fort. This kind of weather demands it. So that will be the plan for the kids - snow fort.

My plan is to make the downstairs presentable, stop the regurgitation of clothes flowing from every object in my bedroom, tidy my office and complete my invoices for the month of December.

All on pain pills.

One must have their dreams

Anonymous said...

I just want to thank you for that amazing comment. I've been getting emails about it all day!

Teacher Mommy said...

I plan to see friends old and current, snuggle my boys, and produce at least one box or bag of giveaway stuff from the overstuffed depths of my walk-in closet. Oh, and maybe get some grading and exam-creation done while I'm at it. Maybe.

Arby said...

Nickie, you are welcome. I may have to blog about that list on Monday, before the MA election. There are a couple of additions to the list. I will be certain to link to your blog.

The_Kid said...

I've forgotten what I did last weekend. Sorry Arby.

CrossView said...

I'm curious... You put a toilet where a sink was so does that mean the sink was being used as a toilet and you figured you might as well put a toilet there? =/

The Pirate Mom said...

Well, for my weekend, it's just me, Dirty Harry and JH. Big D and Annie are on a youth retreat. So, that means, I'm doing what I always do, except with less quality help. Oh, and it also means I will be forced to play with Nerf guns and several rounds of Lego Rock Band. *sigh*

We're in the middle of a little (read:LARGE) remodel thingy ourselves. I plan to blog about it next week sometime.

Brownie said...

Glad you clarified :)

Kathleen said...

I'm certainly not doing anything as fun as tearing up a house and turning little projects into big ones. Nope. I'm just relaxing, taking it easy. You're having so much more fun!

TobyBo said...

you are quite ambitious. :)