Friday, January 8, 2010

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(written left handed)

All of this came to mind this morning because TM over at Diapers and Dragons experienced writer’s block yesterday. She asked readers for topics about which to write. My comment to her was that Aristotle said that consistency and probability are the two most important elements in the drama. Does Shakespeare, in creating the characters in Hamlet, follow or ignore this idea? One of her readers, a nice woman named Michelle, commented that my suggestion made her “want to shoot myself in the head,” an observation with which I whole heartedly agree. To be fair, Monica said that my idea sounded like a hoot, and anyone who knows me knows that I always enjoy a good hoot.  But, beggars cannot be choosers, so we should all keep an eye on D&D to read her enlightened ideas on the Bard and the nature of drama.

Or maybe not.

P.S. Can anyone tell me why spell check underlined “yadirF” but recognized “sdrawkcaB?”


The Boss said...

You listened to me? About writing?

Sniff, sniff. I'm so touched! I don't know what to say!

Arby said...

Oh, you're touched alright...

Oklahoma Granny said...

My brain got a nice exercise reading this post. Not bad, actually kind of interesting.

Teacher Mommy said...

Oh, get a room you two.. :)

I'm very scared by your topic idea for me, you know. It made me get all insecure. I think you should post some excellent nonsensical questions over there for me to answer to make up for it.

And you're welcome to laugh wholeheartedly at my post today. It's surprisingly cathartic NOT to be all secretive about those embarrassing moments...

Oh, and I must be special, because I could read everything you wrote here AND ONLY TWITCHED ONCE.

The Boss said...

~P.S. Can anyone tell me why spell check underlined “yadirF” but recognized “sdrawkcaB?”

I added "sdrawkcaB" to the computer's dictionary last week.

Kathleen said...

What? You don't know what a sdrawkcab is? And you call yourself an English teacher. Tsk, tsk.

brownie said...

okay - sort of hurt my brain today :) But I think I have writer's block, too. Or maybe it's just frozen - our "high" was a balmy -8 yesterday.

CrossView said...

I love reading backwards stuff. I have no idea why. But I'm sorry about the cornflakes....

Twisted said...

.sdrawkcab lla ti peek uoy fi nuf oreM

Twisted said...

zyxwvut,srqponmlk--jih,gfe,d,c,b and the letter A. Now I've sung my ZYX's. Let's thank God we don't live in Texas.
Thought Captain would like this as part of your day.

Mrs. A said...

I used to take my grade 9 history notes from right to left. For me, it was a left handed issue - the stupid papermate pens I insisted on buying were too wet for a left handed writer. Unless I contorted myself - something no minor niner would ever submit themselves to - my notepaper would become a mess of smudged blue scribbles. So I wrote from the right margin to the left margin. Drove the teacher crazy. Although, I now see that he had control issues. Who collects their students' notes to mark??!Don't most teachers use tests to evaluate their students? Oh well. Apparently I outgrew the habit because it wasn't until I realized I was reading backwards that I remembered good ol' Mr. Ballachey's history class.

So, Arby, thanks for the walk down memory lane. So good of you to offer food for thought to Teacher Mommy.

Mrs. A.