Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Captain Chaos Math


I like Captain Chaos math!
I do! I like it, in the bath!
And I would add fractions in a boat.
And I would calculate Pi with a goat...

And I will round my numbers in the rain.
And on the couch. And on a train.
I will add that tax, with a cake on my head,
And flat on my back, with a fish in my bed!

So I will figure perimeters with a boat in my lap.
And measure the miles twixt two towns on a map.
And I will add exponents in a house.
And find common denominators with a mouse.
And I can calculate here and there.
Say! I can calculate ANYWHERE!

I do so like like Captain Chaos math!
Thank you! Thank you, Mr. McGrath!

This is what happened this morning when we sat on the couch and started today’s Saxon math lesson. The girl decided to bring out her Cat in the Hat I Can Do That Game


and see how well her brother could learn scientific notation while she systematically placed a cake, a goldfish in a bowl, a plastic boat, and a bunch of flowers on General Mayhem. This exercise had the benefit of forcing the General to use mental math while I recorded what he told me to write, with the added benefit of making a rather dull topic fairly amusing. My boy was remarkably accurate while balancing a foam cake on his noggin’. I’m thinking of trying him out with a Baked Alaska tomorrow.


Michelle said...

Very good idea!! I think perhaps, we will also try that! Very good idea Captain!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Splendid idea!

The Pirate Mom said...

And I guess that's why you call her the Captain... Don't worry...I understand. You can't say no to the captains in your house.


CrossView said...

Looks like it might have the added benefit of teaching patience. LOL!

Holly said...

That is hysterical!!! Love it! Holly

TobyBo said...

LOL Looks like a day for new approaches to homeschooling. :)

Kathleen said...

I was happy to get to the end of the post and realize it wasn't actually the Captain figuring the exponents and the denominators since, by my calculations she is what? Five? But, hey, I say if the General can do all that while the Captain is Dr. Seussing it up, then he's all set!

Papa Bear said...

This made Brother Bear smile.