Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dude, What Happened To My Country? (With Apologies to HotAir)

Warning: This post may contain information of a political nature. Those of you who wish to keep your blood pressure in the normal range or do not have a vomit bag nearby might consider returning tomorrow.

Dude, what happened to my country?

Claudia Cowen, writing on,  reported on a new provision in the health care bill that requires small businesses with more than 20 employees to provide health care to their workers. Apparently, this has been taking place in San Francisco restaurants for over a year. Customers in these restaurants pay either a flat fee or a percentage of their check as a surcharge to cover the cost of health care for waitresses, bus boys, and cooks. In some restaurants patrons do not mind this additional charge. In others, business is hurting. San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsome enthusiastically supports the plan, claiming that it keeps restaurant employees out of emergency rooms and on the job.

"Businesses get the benefit in the back end," Newsom is reported to have said.

Apparently, the customers will get it in the back end, too; although, I’m not counting it as a benefit. My wallet is getting lighter every day under this administration. It’s just one more reason to eat at home if you live in the Bay area.

The Guerrilla Homeschooler linked to a Greta Van Susteren interview with Senator Lindsay Graham concerning the student loan provision of the new health care reform law. Did you know that student loans were a pivotal point in solving the health care crisis in this country? The federal government will no longer allow banks to make student loans. All loans will come from the government. Why? According to Senator Graham, congressional Democrats and the current administration believe that “the banking system doesn't work, that the private lenders ought to be taken out of the equation, no private sector entity should make money sending kids to school.” Instead, the federal government will make money sending kids to school. “They're lending money at 6.4 percent, [while] we're borrowing it at about 2.6 percent.” The 3.8 percent difference is profit for the federal government. Apparently, it’s alright for the government to make money off of student loans, just not private enterprise.

Can any explain to me how this is any different from Hugo Chavez’ take-over of private businesses in Venezuela?

Lastly, Drudge linked to a article titled “Mother furious after in-school clinic sets up teen's abortion.” Ballard High School in the Seattle School District facilitated an abortion for one of its students without the consent of the parents, without even informing them that the abortion was taking place. Once again we see government officials replacing parental rights and responsibilities with their judgment. Still, public schools officials do not seem to understand why more and more people in this country simply do not trust them. Homeschooling is growing larger and larger every year, although I predict that at some point during this current administration there will be an attempt to make homeschooling illegal. Just look at ICE’s effort to overturn a judge’s decision to grant asylum to a German homeschooling family. If only they were so diligent with our foreign bretheren who do not attempt to enter the country legally.  I cannot help but wonder if the principal of Ballard High School would be happy if it was his daughter getting the abortion without his knowledge, facilitated by the staff of her high school.

Hey, school administrators, listen up - my children are my children. They are not the property of the state.  Keep you hands off!


Oklahoma Granny said...

I've spent many sleepless nights concerned over these new government officials that have taken over. I continue to pray knowing God is in control and there is no doubt that, just as I always have been, I will be front and center anytime it's time to vote. Note: All of Oklahoma's senators voted against the health care legislation including the Democrat. Republican Senator Tom Coburn has filed at least 9 amendments to the bill. You can read an article from a local new station here:

Michelle said...

I called and called and the senators and reps here didn't bother to return my calls and voted yes. Thank goodness, I'm not actually from this state, I just have to live here a while.
Government is stepping in more and more on our lives. THis is the whole point of why we left England remember? I think I need to take a look at the Tea Party.

Michelle said...

By the way, that teenage abortion happened two hours from my house. I was ill.

Kathleen said...

I'm sure you already know why the gov't is taking over student loans, but this will make it so much easier for them to decide who gets to go to college and to what college. You may have featured Pablo Picasso's puppets the other day, but now I'm seeing visions of Obama's Puppets.

Thanks for linking Guerilla Homeschooler. Great site. I've put it in my Reader.

jedijson said...

I've also asked what student loans have to do with health care, but have yet to receive an answer.

But that leads me to another question about student loans. It wasn't too long ago that legislation was passed stating that banks who lend money to students could only charge them a certain percentage or a certain flat-rate each month as payment. And even if that student loan is NOT paid back within something like 20 years, after that time period has passed, the rest will be forgiven. Now that the gov't is doing the lending, DO THE SAME RULES APPLY? If you've paid them back a certain amount every month for 20 years and it's still not paid off, will the gov't release you from your obligation to pay the rest?

I'm betting NOT. Why, by the time 20 years is up, they'll be needing every penny they can scrounge out of everyone--including the former student(s). Aaaah, indebtedness to the gov't. What was that saying again? Indebtedness leads to indentured servitude. Indentured servitude leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to an American Revolution...

Maybe we DO need to look more into the Tea Party movement. I certainly don't want my children to become slaves to the government. That's a HUGE step backward.

And now that I'm on the subject (sorry it's getting so long), but... I wonder if this is how Obama will get his private army going? You know what I'm talking about, right? That idea of his that all students MUST "volunteer" for social work for a time? "To better the country." How long do you want to bet it will take before we start hearing "Oh, so you can't pay that loan back, weeellll.... How about you do THIS until you've paid off the balance? It's not like you have a choice in the matter. GET TO WORK!"

I just love it when our freedoms erode around us. And what's worse? That loud applauding and cheering you witnessed on TV when the House passed the Health Care Reform bill? That was the sound of Democracy dying.