Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday's Zoo Follow-up

Captain Chaos ran from the school building to the van when I picked her up this afternoon. Her teacher, one para, and the speech therapist walked over to show me some pictures taken of the Captain and to assure me that everything went well on the field trip. Once we pulled away from the school, I asked Captain Chaos what she saw at the zoo.

“A gowwiwwa!”

“A gorilla?” I asked.

“Yep! “

“What else did you see?”

“A lion. They’re big!” she told me.

“Anything else?”

“An Emu.”

“Did you see any elephants?” I prodded.

“Yes! Two!”

And that ended that discussion. She had nothing else to say about her day at the zoo.

Thanks for all the prayers! I appreciate your kind comments from this morning’s post.


L. said...

That'a girl, Captain, you done good. The school staff survived, and all the aminals are safe-n-sound. We can all rest easy now. You go, Girl!

L. said...

Congrats, Courageous Dad. You and The Boss did the right thing yet again. :O)

Teacher Mommy said...

Thank goodness. I can stop worrying about the monkeys now.

I had pet monkeys, you know. True story.

I've also been bitten by monkeys.

Also a chimp.

They either love me or hate me. On sight. I don't understand it, really.

Michelle said...

Thank goodness she didn't feed her least fav teacher to the lions. I kept envisioning a roman gladiator scene all day..........

Oklahoma Granny said...

I'll bet she'll have more to tell you later in her own time. So glad she had a great adventure.