Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day Three

Shortly before the afternoon session started at camp, Captain Chaos and I were alone in the dining hall, sitting on the floor, rolling a kickball back and forth. At one point she pointed to a section of the hall where a large group of cub scouts had been playing checkers the day before.

“I want to go play there!” she announced. “There are boys over there!”

This girl scares me. I’ve known for years that I am the father of a girl, but I never expected such enthusiasm for boys at such a young age.


Currently, there are fourteen children under the age of seven and three teenagers trying to decide whether or not to believe that I do not have a belly button. I may or may not reveal the truth before camp ends on Friday. At the height of their disbelief I asked Captain Chaos, “Does Daddy have a belly button?”

She smiled and shook her head. “Nope!”

They couldn’t decide whether to believe that she was telling the truth or just well coached for a scam.


I repaired four children at camp today. That’s six for the week. As soon as I cleaned one cut knee another kid came up complaining that she had slipped on the flagstone and was bleeding. After watching me clean up all those children, Captain Chaos noticed a small red spot on my lower right leg that had been a bug bite that I scratched one too many times. She unzipped my emergency kit, pulled out my cotton balls, peroxide, Neosporin and Band-Aids, and started to clean my leg. She washed the cut, put a dab of goo on the spot, and perfectly placed the sticky part of a Band-Aid over the sore. She was sweet and tender and I’m grateful that Band-Aides don’t stick to Neosporin.


The_Kid said...

So, I was say 12-13. I was a scout at camp.
I was running down a trail with shorts on and a huge bumblebee somehow got up the back of my shorts pantleg and got stuck. Fearing for its life in all of 2 nanoseconds, the sucker stung me.

So, went to the camp aid station with a huge welt on my tush. Doc said, 'Let's see it" while quite the attractive nurse stood by glancing at me out of the side of her eye. So, I pulled my shorts leg UP which gave ample area for inspection, but Nope, he said, "Just pull them down". How embarrassing for a 13 year old.
This was the first time a quite attractive young lady was to see my naked butt.

Subsequent events were not as traumatic.

Oklahoma Granny said...

At that age my daughter's greatest pleasure came from beating a boy at any game. She played soccer and her coach sometimes arranged scrimages with a boys' team. She was always delighted when that happened because her team generally beat the boys' team. It could be the Captain is just wanting some competition.

GingerB said...

I used to know a man who was scarred for life because of a ladybug attack on his penis while away at camp. Tee-hee!

Teacher Mommy said...

She is scary and sweet at the same time. Yooooouuu aaaarrrre in TROOOOOOUUUUUBBBBLE!!! (That was SO in a singsong voice, btw.)

TobyBo said...

I vote for no belly button and you can tell the kids at camp that adults believe you. I am saying this to preclude any need for a photo.

L. said...

Awwwww, the Nurse Capt. Chaos story is just too precious. And the belly button thing...ah, yes, love it, love it, love it. Go Arby!!!

Linda said...

About the belly button. I'm with TobyBo, please no pictures...we believe. We believe.

monica @ paperbridges said...

no belly button?? how so? did you have surgery? my hubs almost had his removed when he had surgery but had the doc cut around it. hope that makes sense.