Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Other People's Children


So, yeah, maybe I have put a little weight back on. A bit. Enough, I guess, for one little boy to ask me if I had a baby growing in my belly.

You’ve gotta love OPCs.

The Boss has had a difficult two days at work. It has been so difficult that she asked me tonight if we could have someone guest write her guest blog post. You may not learn what she found in my pants after all.

We’ve had a lot of rain followed by a lot of heat and humidity and some real long hours at camp. Two days feels like a week already.

General Mayhem did pass his Boy Scout Board of Review tonight. He’s now a Star Scout. The next step is Life Scout and then he works on the Eagle rank. The young man has done very well for himself.

I’d like to offer more, but dudes…I’m tired.

It’s time for bed.


Khourt said...

Congrats to Mr. Mayhem!

Michelle said...

Congrats General Mayhem!! And, Arby, I seriously doubt that you've put THAT much weight on!! I still have twenty pounds of baby weight I could share with you. And tell the Boss to get some rest. We'd love to hear from her, but we know how life is!

Linda said...

Those OPC's!! It sure is a good thing that your own children, Mayhem, Havoc, and Chaos, would NEVER say anything that would embarrass dear old dad, would they?!?!?!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Congrats to the General on his great accomplishment.

L. said...

Arby, you're a good soul. Can't wait to hear your stories about your experiences at camp and those of the Major and Captain. Just think, if your last two days have felt like a week, you only have about a week and a quarter left and it will all be behind you. Like the math?

Congrats to you, General Mayhem! WAY TO GO!! Happy Star Scouting!!!

Boss, keep your chin up. :O) :O)

Anonymous said...

Awe congrats to him! :) rest man, I know those scout things are exhausting!

GingerB said...

At least since you are a man, when someone asks if you are pregnant and you are not, you don't have to cry, like I would. It's the little things, you know?

Well done General Mayhem! Perhaps you can send him out to Utah to have him help me cross the street, because this week, I am really, really old.

Linda said...

still waiting to find out what the best wife in the world found in your pants. :)