Friday, June 4, 2010




Six years old.

You would think that six years old is old enough not have problems like this.

You’d think.

But you’d be wrong.

It’s not like Captain Chaos hasn’t been to this picnic site each year for the past six years. We’ve been going to the Boss’ company picnic each June since she started working on post. It’s not like she doesn’t know the area. It’s not like she isn’t well aware of the fact that everyone knows her, or that anyone would be willing to help her if she just asked. So, five minutes after she arrived, five minutes after she scrambled out of the car, danced impatiently while dad applied the sun block and then ran off with her brothers to the two giant inflatable bounce houses at the far side of the field, she realized that she had to go to the bathroom. While dad was lugging an arm load of folding chairs to the two square foot section of shade a quarter mile away, she decided that asking her brothers for help was too difficult. Calling to dad for help was too challenging. What’s a six year old girl to do?

Pee in her pants, naturally.

And then run off to the bounce house to join in the frenzy.

I was so proud.




jedijson said...

6yos are like that. I remember mine announcing to the entire football stadium that he forgot to put on underwear.

Oh, wait. He was 7 when he did that.

Sadie said...

:) I guess it's not quite as bad when a boy goes behind a tree....

TobyBo said...

can we blame it on all the bouncing? Sure we can.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Hopefully Dad had thought ahead and brought along a change of clothes for her? You know - for those 'just in case' things that can come up.

Michelle said...

yeah, things like that NEVER happen to me! hhaha! lol

The_Kid said...

Arby, I'm glad I don't have a story for this one.

Linda said...

HAHAHA!! Sorry...but that was just funny! Mine is 6 too. And trust me, six is not too old to have problems like this!

Khourt said...

Well Im not in the 6yo category yet but I can imagine my son doing that.. Just today he peed on my grandmothers sidewalk *sigh* and then ran around in his birthday suit chasing lightning bugs..

Brownie said...

Red pee'd in his carseat on the way to the store. He kept saying he had to - I kept saying WAIT we're almost to the store. He didn't make it. I had a change of clothes along. If he had been outside - he would have just used a tree - or sidewalk.