Thursday, July 15, 2010

That's vacation, day two

When I walked into the Fort Atkinson Public Library it was with one simple mission: get online. I only needed ten minutes of internet time. I wanted to leave a short note on my blog and check the Boundless Summer Challenge for tasks # 3 & 4. I may be on a short vacation, but I didn’t want to fall behind. Some tasks are easier said than done. The nice lady behind the counter gave me a guest user id and password, and explained that there were two sets of computers. One set of computers was for children. They did not allow the user to go onto any site that was interactive. I’m not certain what websites were allowed because almost every website is interactive. The second set of computers was for adults, with little or no restrictions on their use. Of course, there was a line of adults waiting to use the adult computers. Waiting, I might add, for two children to finish using them. After five minutes of waiting I turned to leave. That’s when I noticed two “Express Internet” computers. The nice lady behind the counter failed to mention these. “Express Internet” computers are computers available for public use with a 15 minute time limit. I used one of those, with Major Havoc sitting next to me warning me each time a minute expired. That’s why my last entry was so short.

The last two Boundless Summer tasks were interesting. I have completed neither of them. One required the reading of a chapter of a book that would have taken me more than 15 minutes worth of express internet time. The second required me to call my best friend and ask them what I could do to become a better friend. Since I married the Boss I have always considered her to be my best friend, so I don’t need to make a phone call as much as I need to find a few minutes without the children around to sit and talk. Simple, right? We are currently living in a small, two-room cabin with no running water, two sets of bunk beds that I do not fit on and a standard futon that I share with the girl. She sleeps longer when she’s snuggled up next to the old man. The Boss and I don’t do double beds very well. Asking the Boss how I can be a better friend is a task fraught with peril. It might go well. It might end with a few more entries on “The List.”

I discovered the Boundless Summer Challenge on Facebook. I’ll admit that the chance to win a new Ipad caught my attention, but the readings involved in the challenge and their accompanying Scripture passages have provided me with good things to consider. The section on Christian dating was good to read. Yesterday, a young, tanned female type person managed to capture the General’s attention in the swimming pool. She was friendly. They talked and swam together for about an hour until it was time for her to leave. I have a young man who is starting to notice girls. He needs guidance. I am the guide.

That’s vacation…Day Two.


Linda said...

All boys should have such a guide as you.

S.K. said...

Thankyou for your kind comments, Arby. I'm sorry I haven't had time to read your posts, but I will correct that when I get home. God bless you.

Brownie said...

Ah the Parent Guide.... not such an easy task. I'm there with ya!