Sunday, September 5, 2010

How Could You Forget That?

Before I launch into this morning’s topic I must mention that I almost feel the need to apologize for your therapy bills, then I remember with gratitude that you visit Bedlam of your own free will. I was thoroughly amused at two reader’s reaction to my last post. They wrote that from the title they expected another blog about man boobs. It took me a moment to catch the reference. I had forgotten that I wrote a post about man boobs early last May. I was amused that anyone remembered it.

This morning, I received an e-mail poll from a reputable polling service that asked a few questions that made me wonder. One such question was:

To the Best of your knowledge, have you…

Had a major driving violation (e.g., excessive speed violation, hit and run, DUI, reckless driving) in the past three years?

Had more than two minor violations (e.g., speeding, failure to yield, following too close) in the past three years?

Had SR Financial Responsibility Filing

Had your driving license revoked, suspended or restricted in the past three years?

Had an at-fault accident in the past three years?”

To the best of my knowledge? Like I wouldn’t remember whether or not I’ve hit another driver and run off? I wouldn’t remember EVER having a DUI, driving recklessly, or having my license revoked, suspended or restricted, let alone during the past three years? Is this really something that people can forget?

“Hey, Jill? Honey? Have I had my license suspended, restricted, or revoked during the last three years?”

“Don’t you remember, Jack? That’s why I drop you off at work every morning when I take the kids to school?”

“Oh, yeah! I forgot about that one. I was pretty drunk that night. Boy, the judge sure was mad when he took away my license!”

And if they can forget something like that, do you really want those people answering questions on your poll?

In the “General Questions” category this polling service always asks me for my marital status. The options they give me are, “Single, never married,” “Married,” “Divorced,” “Separated,” “Widowed,” and “Living with partner.” They never ask me if I am happily married. For that matter, they never ask me if I am happily divorced. There was period in my life where that would have been a big “YES!” And, when did “living with partner” become a marital status?

They also ask questions about my primary residence. One of the choices is always “Own a detached house.” I don’t know if my house is detached. We take pretty good care of it. We repair things that need to be repaired and keep it looking nice. I’d to think that my house appreciates us and the effort we put into its appearance. How about a Moderately Interested house? A Fond of house? A Deeply Appreciative House? We may not be best of friends, but being detached is a little too impersonal.

These things occur to me as I read their polls.

Thank you for reading. You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives.


GingerB said...

Arby, I work in criminal law, and I can assure you there are many people who cannot remember the details of their last three years of life. In law school, in client relations type education, we were counseled that some people are "poor historians" and would have difficulty producing information on request. HA! Understated, but true. Now, what's up with the man-boobs?

Mama Bear said...

"I had forgotten that I wrote a post about man boobs early last May. I was amused that anyone remembered it." Arby, if only I could forget the man boobs, it's become a running joke around here.

The_Kid said...

as to the living with partner. I really don't think it's activism at work. I think a lot of this is the result of 18 year old tatooed chicks pounding on a keyboard trying to figure out all the possible living combinations.

I saw an article on CNN that talked about whales and how far they might be able to dive and who ever wrote it stated that 200 feet was the limitation for humans.
I honestly, think some 18 year old chick turned to her boyfriend as she was writing the thing and said "Billy, you dive, how far down have you been?" He say "200 feet". She plugs in Humans can dive to 200 feet.

Of course, I've seen people diving without any breathing apparatus, riding a 'sled' down 250 feet and coming back up on their lung power. And that was years ago.

There simply is no personal integrity in anyone's work it seems.

Some Guy said...

Ooh...I found a typo!

It should be "regularly scheduled lives" instead of "regularly schedule lives".

Since tomorrow is a holiday, I'm not on much of a schedule tonight.

Kathleen said...

It's a good thing those poll writers don't have any depth to their thinking, huh? Taking an Arby poll might just be reason for a few hours on a therapist's couch. (Do therapists have couches, or is that stereotype reserved just for psychiatrists?)

TobyBo said...

I can only hope you have marked your many questions on the form to make a poll of your own to send back.