Sunday, October 17, 2010

When You Feed A Chicken Pancakes

I know what you are thinking, “Arby, this cannot possibly happen to you. I’m not saying you’re making this stuff up, but you may be stretching the truth a bit.” I know this because half the time I’m shaking my head and thinking the same thing. Like I was Saturday morning, when Major Havoc walked into the house laughing because the chickens were running free in the yard and the dog was locked in the chicken run. Because he wanted pancakes.

Honestly, what would you have to snort to think up this stuff?

I’ve written previously about my one hundred pound, carbaholic husky who ignores raw meat in favor of biscotti. The dog affectionately known as the Big Fuzzy Rock comes running when he hears a plastic bread bag being opened. He’s the beast who lays so still in the yard the only way we know he is alive is because every few hours we notice that the big fuzzy rock has moved from one side of the yard to the other. This is the same dog that gained three pounds after I put him on a weight loss diet. He’s also insanely jealous because now all of our table scraps get tossed into the chicken pen rather than down his prodigious gullet.

So yesterday, after I took the leftover pancakes out to the chicken run and tossed them into the pen for a light banty brunch, the big fuzzy rock decided that enough was enough. He created a 100 pound husky-sized hole in the chicken wire and pushed his way inside to get at the pancakes he was wrongfully denied. The chickens took advantage of the hole in the wire and made their break for freedom, but the mutt was either too stupid to exit through his self-made entrance or too big to squeeze back through since the chicken wire was bent inwards. I didn’t believe the Major when he told me that the dog was in the chicken run because he is a really big dog and the entrance to the chicken run is a 9 x 14 rectangular hole.

I should have taken pictures.

I should have known better. Next time, I’m feeding the birds beef. He’ll sleep right through it.


Becky said...

Great story, Arby! And yes... pictures would have been fun to see! ~ My Golden Retriever loves carbs, too. :)

Kathleen said...

...just thinking about what I escaped giving the dog away and NOT getting chickens.

L. said...


The_Kid said...

I'm happy to know you have free range chickens.