Thursday, January 20, 2011

Butt...Butt...Butt...How Can You Keep Them Home From School?

Our Apathy, Kansas, school board president has a bit of a legal problem. She is seeking a “Diversion” in court for her DUI arrest. She was arrested in September of last year on the way home from an Apathy Educational Foundation Gala fundraising event. If the request for a Diversion is granted, the case might be dismissed after “certain conditions” are met. I don’t know what the conditions are. I am hoping that she will be required to give a presentation to Apathy high school students on the dangers of alcohol and driving. Her actions undermine the credibility of any teacher who warns against drinking and driving. It’s a do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do situation. I'm certain the students know what she has done.

As if that wasn’t enough local trouble, a former Apathy police officer and school board member was arrested last month in Kansas City after he attempted to meet a fourteen year old boy for a sexual liaison. This man was a DARE officer. Ironically, he was also the coordinator of the Safe Kids program. He was our town’s Officer of the Year in 2008. This man only resigned from the police department and the school board last November. Blessedly, the fourteen year old boy was really a police officer. No one was hurt. So far, no children have come forward to say that they were molested by this man. This guy successfully did what every pedophile wants to do. He gained the trust of children, parents, and school administrators, as well as access to children.

In Oak Park, Illinois, a high school student is in trouble for starting a Facebook page where he rated Oak Park-River Forest high school girls on their physical appearance and level of promiscuity, while a former Fresno, California, high school wrestler is facing criminal charges for performing a “butt drag” on a fellow wrestler. The former student, now expelled from high school, claims that he was performing a legitimate wrestling move where one wrestler grabs his opponent by a buttock and drags him across the mat. The “draggee” claims that it was a sexual assault, since two of the dragger’s fingers allegedly penetrated the young lad’s anus. I cannot imagine any former high school classmate ever being willing to stick his hand in the crack of another student's rear end for any reason. I am also curious as to what the boys were wearing that would allow such penetration to occur. Standard wrestling gear should prevent such an occurrence. This will be an interesting court case to follow.

People wonder why homeschoolers opt out of participating in public schooling. I think these stories answer their questions.


Kathleen said...

Yuck on all counts, especially the DARE officer. Who can you trust these days?

Brownie said...

Yuck and Gross.

There were two pastors in our area that were arrested for DUI's. The church acknowledged that mistakes were made but no one is perfect. The congregation applauded when they stepped to the pulpit the following Sunday.

What are people thinking??

A couple of years ago a school counselor in one of the elementary schools was arrested for child porn. His wife is director of the local rape counseling center.

Sick, sick people.

Pippi said...

Ugh. There was a former longtime police sergeant in Philly who was recently arrested on child porn charges. I think they said he was with the force for 19 years. In the article, they mentioned that he was the 3rd Philly officer in two years to be arrested on charges related to child pornography or sexual assault.

I'll never tell my boys to trust the cops.

Pamela said...

And it's the homeschoolers who are effed up.

Twisted said...

I'd also like to ask for prayers for the police officers stepson and his mother. He is 9-10 years old, an only child. Mom and son have disappeared from the neighborhood. I don't know if there were any issues going on at home. This has to be a hard time for them. I can just imagine how mean the kids at school would be to him when this story broke here in Apathy.