Friday, November 2, 2012

Shave and a Haircut, Nine Bucks!

I had to wait in line behind three bald guys to get my hair cut this morning. 
That’s annoying!

I realize that the army expects haircuts to be regulation, but when you have NO hair on the sides or back of your head, and a two square inch tuft of ¼ inch flattop hidden underneath your cap, what’s the point?! Those of us who have hair, and have long hair, NEED to have it cut.  We actually give the barber something to do other than wave a pair of clippers over our heads like a magic wand and ask, “How that?”

When I walked in the door and saw four guys waiting ahead of me, I turned around and left.  I drove to 7-11 and bought a cup of coffee.  It was the extra-large cup, too.  I knew that I had time to kill.  

My barber must be raking in the cash. From bald guys.  He has a one chair shop a four blocks south of the main entrance to Fort Leavenworth, so it’s not unusual to have to wait to get a haircut.  He is the best barber in town, and one of only a handful who know how to use a straight razor to shave a neck.  That’s the best part of the cut.  Since he doesn’t take reservations, I wasn’t surprised to see four guys ahead of me in line when I arrived at 7:30 this morning.  Frank told me that there were five guys in line when he arrived at 6:40 to open.  He started right away.  How do you get through nine haircuts in under an hour?  Well, when most of them are bald to begin with, it’s pretty easy!  And at $9 a pop, that’s $81 an hour!    
I’m in the wrong business. 
Even I can cut a bald dude’s hair. 

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