Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Neuro What?!

The answer to the biggest question of the day this past Labor Day was, “Why, yes. Yes we are having classes today.”  Pleasantly, The Boss took the lead with The Girl, which freed me to work on the basement floor.  We’re replacing nasty old carpeting with tile.  I did make time to sit at the table to work with her on Language Arts. We’re reviewing third grade material by completing some tests that I saved from last year before starting a new fourth grade program. That led to this exchange yesterday morning: 

“Ada, what part of speech is the word “house?”

“Um…” she replied, hand on her chin. Her patented “That’s a good question!” was forming on her lips.

“It begins with an “N,” I said, starting to write the word “noun” on our dry erase table.

“Neuroplasticity!” she shouted.

That’s right, gentle readers!  My ten-year-old daughter doesn’t remember the word “noun” but she does know how to correctly pronounce “neuroplasticity!”  

This could be an interesting year.

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TobyBo said...

so... how did the rest of the year go?