Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Perennial Parks and Poetry

Since returning last spring from my self-imposed hiatus with a new look, familiar writing, and a fresh blogsite, I have had the pleasure of discovering many new and entertaining writers. One of those discoveries was Teachermommy over at the always interesting "Diapers and Dragons." I discovered her blog through Kathleen's sidebar at Treasured Chapters. TM brought it to my attention (she was teasing) that I failed to give her a shout-out when I added her blog to my sidebar. This is a serious over-sight on my part because I have enjoyed her blog since the first post I read, way back in April of aught nine. Her poetry caught my attention. I've been a regular reader since then. Teachermommy's refreshing honesty dispenses equal doses of silliness, love, and pain, with well written humor and Grace. Check out her blog.

I'm taking the time to write tonight while I wait for feeling to return to my legs. After putting the girl to bed, I climbed onto my ten speed and went for a ride. Without any idea where I was going, I tackled three or four of Apathy's larger hills, ending up a mile out of town at the city's new park. The park is the pride and joy of the Apathy City Council, and when completed it might truly be a nice facility for Apathy families. Unfortunately, the only access to the new park that I am aware of requires a long drive on a gravel road where cars are traveling at 45 miles per hour and bikers are treated to a gravel shower as vehicles shoot past. I cannot imagine parents allowing their children to ride a bike to this new park. I wouldn't. I cannot imagine many children desiring to ride a bike to the new park. The General wouldn't. I will try not to pass judgment until the project is completed. That is slated for sometime near the turn of the next century.

I will share my absolute disgust with the Apathy City Council for naming the new park after Mayor Wrinkles. In a town that is fifty years old, there have been many people who have lived here longer than the pitiable pensioner and who have worked hard for the city. They could have been honored with their name over the park's entrance. Heck, they could have been honored by being nominated in recognition of their work for our fair city. But, being nominated requires asking for nominations. That would require the council to announce their plan to the public in advance of the last meeting, inviting both public input into the process and the chance for competition against the furrowed fogey. Instead, the council left that plan off the agenda, slipping it into the end of their last meeting. My suggestion would have been to name the new facility "Citizen's Park" since we, the tax paying citizens of Apathy, are paying for the damn thing. Instead, Geriatric Today's latest centerfold received a longevity award from the myopic sycophants warming the seats in our council chamber and the rolling dirt hills of Towne Center continue to grow an impressive array of native prairie grasses while we await the next snowfall and the opportunity to slide down the Sled Hill of Death.

I must point out, in all fairness, that Councilman Newfangled was not at the meeting, so he did not participate in the vote.

Feeling has returned to my legs. I am going to wander up to the kitchen to scrounge a light snack. Unfortunately, feeling hasn't returned to the buttocks. Does Select Comfort make bicycle seats?


TeacherMommy said...

Aww, thank you, Arby m'dear! I'm glad you knew I was teasing. Though I totally got the shout-out, didn't I? Heehee.

Kathleen said...

Did you know that TM and I were childhood friends? I haven't seen her in about 20 years; it's nice to reconnect in bloggy world.

Here's hoping you can still ride a bike at the turn of the century...you may just have to leave the park's completion celebration up to the General by that point.

I have to say again how struck I am by the fact that Apathy's politics are a micro-shot of the nation.

If Select Comfort did make bicycle seats, what do you suppose your butt number would be?

CrossView said...

You went bike riding? Isn't that like, um, exercise? *shudders* Seriously - good for you! Sorry about that numbness. I've heard that it's only temporary....

And a park? I vaguely remember those from my city days. I guess the days of kids walking or riding to parks are long gone. Too many pedophiles these days??!!

Small town politics - ugh! Our town is needing that Buford guy from Walking Tall. And I only wish I were kidding.... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

You're so funny! Me & DH were talking about how a neighboring county started a police dept the same way. Under the table. Isn't gov't great? (extreme sarcasm).

Anyway. Congrats on your motivation. You should pass some down this way in GA. Here we sweat LIKE we're exercising when we just step outside.


Rose said...

There are hills in Kansas?

Big Doofus said...

A few years ago I bought a new bike. It's a hyrbid in that it's park mountain bike, part street bike, part garage dust collector. Anyway, you can buy comfortable (i.e. "old man") seats for your bike or you can buy these gel covers that go on top of your seat so that it doesn't make your bike look like your grandpa's bike. Both ways are comfortable and worth the extra bucks.

Kathleen said...

I have a question for Big Doofus (in the event that he goes back this far to peruse old comments): At our malls here in GA, there is special parking now for hybrid cars. Does the same hold true for hybrid bikes? I mean, is there a special bike rack for them and all?

Big Doofus said...

Ha! Arby told me about your question. I'd just park your hybrid bike in the hybrid car parking space and see what happens. It' no different than the guy a the baseball game the other day who took up a one and a half parking spaces with his motorcycle.