Monday, June 22, 2009

Odds-N-Ends 1.1

It's always fun to receive a new comment from a new reader. It's equally humbling to look at their blogsite and discover that your blog is already listed on their sidebar. Allow me to give a shout-out to Autumn Beck over at "Do I Need a Bigger Plate?" Thanks for reading! Everyone should pop over (after you've read this entry) and make Autumn's site meter spike.

The fat didn't roll off quite as quickly last week as in previous weeks. I dropped 1.6 pounds. I will admit to being disappointed, but it is still weight loss. I am tipping the scales at 223, down from 242. Any loss is good. I was faced with a couple of challenges last week, including a delicious cake on the kitchen counter compliments of Major Havoc and his desire to welcome home his older brother from a week at Camp Sweaty Scout, and the incredible Al Cribari's Barbeque Pot Roast with ribs substituted for pot roast from The Frugal Gourmet Cooks with Wine, compliments of yours truly. The first feel-good reward for weeks of dieting came when I tried on an old suit that did not fit and discovered that it now not only fits, but fits comfortably with a little room to spare. It was like being reacquainted with an old friend. I weigh in a few days early this week because I will be out of town for the weekend. Since there is no Weight Watchers meeting on the Fourth of July I won't have a new weight for a couple of weeks. I'm hoping to at least top 20 pounds lost this Thursday. I'll only need to drop .6 pounds to do so.

I spent Saturday afternoon at a wedding. I didn't know the bride and barely knew the groom. They were people who work with the Boss. There were several people at the reception asking one another how they knew the newly wedded couple. If asked, I was planning on telling them that I knew neither, but had seen an announcement in the paper and thought I'd stop by for a free meal. No one asked. The afternoon was pleasurable for several reasons. It was an afternoon without the kids, accompanied by the very pretty Boss. We sat at a table with some friends and enjoyed good company. The Boss was a bit puzzled by the entire event until she realized that it was the first wedding reception she had ever attended that was dry. Apparently a wedding reception is quite different when the room is not spinning. That's what growing up in Wisconsin will do for you!

Father's Day was one long work session as I had to perform goldfish CPR on Methuselah, who suffered the ill effects of Captain Chaos deciding to feed the fish by pouring an entire container of fish food into the tank. No amount of work cleared the water on Saturday night, so on Sunday I transferred the fish into a large bowl, dismantled the tank, thoroughly cleaned it, and then put it back together. Today, the old fish is back in her aquatic digs with new gravel, fresh water, and a new location in the house.

That's the update. Riveting stuff. Thanks for making it to the bottom of this entry. You may now run screaming for the door.

Addendum (added later)

I did forget to mention the cutest event of the weekend. In a rare occurrence in the Arby household, I spent two hours Friday morning without wearing a shirt. I can count on one hand the number of times I've been in front of my children without wearing a shirt. Captain Chaos looked at my bare abdomen and said, "Daddy, you don't have a belly button."

"You are correct," I replied.

"We need to go to the store to buy you one," she told me.

I found this so amusing that after the Boss came home from work Friday night I asked the Captain to tell mommy her plan.

"Daddy doesn't have a belly button," the Captain explained.

"I know," mommy replied.

"We need to go to the store and buy daddy a belly button," she continued.

The Boss laughed. "And what store would you like to go to?" she asked.

"A thrift store!" stated Ms. Chaos.

"A thrift store?!" exclaimed the Boss. "You want to buy daddy a used belly button?!"

"Yep!" my daughter proudly confirmed.

So, I am worth a new belly button, but only a used new belly button. Maybe I'll just get a belly button tattoo.

On my forearm.


CrossView said...

Oddly, most of the weddings I've attended have been dry. Hmmmm.....

Glad the fish lived. I was afraid the "bigger tank" was the flushable type....

Kathleen said...

BEFORE I go running for the door, allow me to congratulate you once again on your LOSS...even if it was not as much as you wanted. And congratulations as well for giving a fish his life.

You don't have a belly button? This is triggering a, did you already post this fact once? Accompanied by a picture of a whale or something? memory is not as good as it used to be.

CrossView said...

A used belly button? ROFL! Those aren't custom-fit, though.... Ask her if you can have hers!

Psssttttt Kathleen, He did post about it before. His was a surgery thing. ;o)

Kellie said...

Big D once performed surgery on an 8 year-old goldfish with a needle (long story), and it survived for about 3 more months.

I suggest ebay for the bellybutton. I've had more success on-line than in actual thrift stores, and it smells better.

Autumn Beck said...

Thank you for the plug! I was originally introduced to your blog by a Twitter follower prodoceo (i think that's correct).

TeacherMommy said...

You are simply special and unique and quite possibly the product of a strange test-tube baby science experiment in which you gained nourishment through your skin in an artificial womb.


Okay, but I'm a little ticked that I didn't get a shout out all those ages and ages (fine, two months or so) ago!