Monday, August 31, 2009

Compliments of the Coon Hound

We quickly discovered that the new French doors we installed with the invaluable assistance of our Ward IV councilman need to be pushed shut firmly in order for the latch to catch securely. That is a skill our children have not mastered, and it did not take long before the coon hound discovered that she can push the door open with her snout and walk into the kitchen whenever she pleases. That wouldn’t be so bad if she had the decency to close the door behind her. Unfortunately, she leaves it wide open, inviting all sorts of guests into the kitchen.

I was at the computer writing last Thursday when General Mayhem walked past, headed into the kitchen.

“And what are you doing, chicken?” he asked, surprise in his voice.

Why, she was eating dog food, of course. She was eating dog food from the dog food bowl.  In our kitchen!  And she was very, very quiet.

It was all compliments of the coon hound.


CrossView said...

Arby, It's not sanitary to have chickens in the house. Really! Unless you diaper them, of course.

Kathleen said...

:-) :-)

Too funny! You just know that chicken has been eyeing the inside of your house longingly for a couple years now. Just waiting...

Michelle said...

Funny!! What I want to know is if you're feeding the chicken the "good" dog food? Or saving the soft chunks of meat with gravy for the dog?