Monday, October 26, 2009

"Where's the Wreath?" - The Last Day

Going into the final day of Arby's "Where's the Wreath?" contest, Crossview is in the lead with a gazillion points. She could sleep in until December and not lose the competition.  But, Kathleen, in second place, and Kellie, in third place, are separated by 1 point.  One point!  Who will win the coveted first, second, and third place spots?  Who will play the spoiler? We will find when someone answers one important question, "Where's the Wreath?"

Our neighborhood is filled with Halloween decorations. Some of them are simple,

as simple as a jack-o-lantern head on a scarecrow body,

or a headless body hanging from a tree.

Others are far more complex, like this

and this,

or this

and this.

Either way, there is a lot of spirit in the neighborhood.


Kathleen said...

Either this last one is really difficult, or I'm blind!! Definitely a lot of spirit in that neighborhood.

The tree behind that pumpkin-headed scarecrow is gorgeous!!

Kathleen said...

Well, I have now been looking for this for about an hour. If the kids did not have dentist appointments, I would lock the door, thus locking out hungry children and children who must be educated, and continue looking. However, this is not the case. I must be responsible and possibly relinquish my standings. :( I'm guessing the wreath is hidden in plain sight somewhere. Maybe I can get back to it later if everyone else is stumped like me.

I'm also thinking you must post some pictures of your neighborhood at Christmastime because I assume the spirit extends to Christmas.

TobyBo said...

"The Last Day" - it sounds so ominous.

jedijson said...

Holy Hidden Wreath, Batman! I THINK I finally found it. It only took several hours of me staring blearily through these pictures to finally find this one.

So is this the death of the wreath-finding? Or will we search for it again next year?

CrossView said...

Ooh! Fun! Let's do it again. This time, let's play for a small car for my 20-yr old??!!

The_Kid said...

Nice decorations!

CrossView said...

And now, the conlusion of:

As the Wreath Turns...