Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wii are Finished with the Contest

Congratulations to Crossview for winning first place in the “Who Wakes up the Earliest?” “Where’s the Wreath?” contest. Kellie and Kathleen tied for second place. Linda took third place. I hope everyone enjoyed playing. Prizes will be mailed this week!

I can now resume regular blogging, which happens to be a sports report.

I hung a curveball during last night’s Wii baseball game and General Mayhem, who cannot hit the broadside of a barn with a baseball bat, sent my pitch 483 miles into a stadium in Toledo for a home run, taking the game 1-0. Wii sports. I have to admit, the technology is really good.

I wasn’t pleased about the idea of bringing a Wii into our house. The kids pester too much as it is for a chance to play on our Game Cube. As I feared would happen, Major Havoc has started each morning since we purchased the new gaming system by asking me if he can play. And he asks. And he asks. And he asks. Major Havoc openly admits that pestering is a tactic he enjoys employing.

The Boss and I did play a few games of tennis two nights ago. We have a large basement, but it wasn’t designed for a tennis match. We stood next to one another, wildly swinging at each other’s virtual volleys. I was concerned that a backhand from me would end up on her left check. I can imagine her going to work with a shiner underneath her left eye. “Wii tennis” might be the lamest excuse for suspected spousal abuse ever invented.

“Honestly, it was match-point. He hit this wicked back-hand that spun over the net and bounced away from my player. I lunged a bit too quickly, and whammo!”

“Sure you did.”

The story of how we came to purchase the gaming system is interesting. As a family, we cleaned the Lakeside Speedway last weekend after the last race night of the season. All five of us worked. All five of us participated. The younger two were amazing. After we were finished, we had enough money to buy a Wii system, Wii sports, and a couple of extra gadgets for play. The children learned the value of working hard for something that they want. Our experience has been that when children work hard to earn something like a toy or a game, they tend to take better care of it.

One amusing feature on the Wii Sports system is the fitness age test. The player takes an endurance test involving their accuracy in bowling, tennis, and hitting home runs. After the test is complete the game tells the player their fitness “age.” The Boss has sworn us to secrecy concerning her virtual fitness age. I scored “three years dead.”

Say a prayer for Jack Henry today. Kellie and Big D’s little guy is having a hernia repaired. Mom is understandably nervous. And tired. Check out her blog today.


Teacher Mommy said...

I am NOT jealous and bitter about the contest. I've decided that for sure, so you're off the hook.

You're welcome.

CrossView said...

I'm avoiding the Wii craze. But it's getting harder now that the only non-gamer kid in the house wants a Wii Fit.

I don't want to go Wii Wii Wii all the way home...

Sadly, referencing spousal abuse, Guy likes to blame me for any bruises he gets. Folks that don't know us must think I'm a real bruiser.

jedijson said...

We LOVE our Wii! Yes, I too get the "when can I play the Wii?" question each morning from my middle son, Horner. We're currently saving our nickles and dimes for Beatles' Rock Band, and I'm seriously salivating over Wii Fit Plus. Also, after seeing the new Lego Indiana Jones game that's about to come out, I'm kind of excited about it, too.

Oh, and one more thing: while it may be the lamest excuse imaginable, it's still a valid one. More people will tell you they understand because they've been there. The day after a Wii Bowling tournament, I could have sworn my arm was going to fall off at the shoulder!

TobyBo said...

"3 years dead" lol.

And thanks for the Jack Henry update. I am off to read.

Kathleen said...

So were yours and the Boss' shoulders sore after that Wii Tennis, or are you both just so fit and buff that it didn't affect you at all?

When my husband (sorry, I shouldn't be tattling on him since he's not here to defend himself; let's just say when SOMEONE in our household) took the Fitness test, it said, "Your balance is poor. Do you stumble a lot when you walk?" So rude!!

Linda said...

If we were to have any of the game systems, it would be a wii, but nothing for a while.Perhaps when something new comes along, and people are getting rid of their historic wii systems at garages sales, THEN it will be time for us.

Three years dead. That's truly funny.