Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

At this time last year, we were counting down the days until the Boss returned from Iraq. I was grateful to have survived Halloween and the responsibility of making all of the children’s costumes, while wondering whether or not her gifts arrived in time for her early November Well Deserved Gift Day. Last year, the Boss decided that she did not have a birthday. If she acknowledged last year's birthday then she would have to acknowledge this year's birthday. Acknowledging this year's birthday means recognizing a rather large number that ends in zero. That's a level of ugliness that she does not want in her life. So, last year we created "Well Deserved Gift Day." I made a series of purchases that I wrapped in a variety of different wrapping papers, like Bar Mitzvah paper and leopard print paper in honor of National Serengeti Day. I sent them to her in Iraq. Tomorrow we celebrate the second annual Well Deserved Gift Day. The celebration begins today with a Vikings/Packers game on TV. I think a good present for her would be to see Brett Favre carted off Lambeau Field in his Vikings uniform, on a stretcher. She’s a rabid Packers fan.

Last year’s costumes were decent costumes. The children had fun. But, they were nothing compared to what they wear when the Boss unleashes her creativity and her talent. She loves making Halloween costumes. During this past month, I have watched the Boss hard at work, in the evenings, designing and cutting and stitching and carving. The results were fantastic!

Captain Chaos is a Minnie Mouse fan. The Boss made this outfit, sewing her first dress in the process.

Look at that tail!

General Mayhem wanted to be Captain Jack Sparrow. He does a fairly good job of saying, “Today is the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!” and sounding like Johnny Depp in the process.

I think the boy developed an irrational fear of spirit gum after we glued the beard to his face.

And Major Havoc, who wanted to be Link from the Legend of Zelda video game series again this year, benefitted from having mom make his costume instead of dad. Link looks like this:

Last year, the Major looked like this:

This year:

My one contribution was making a wooden Master Sword to match the shield I made last year.

We took the kids down to The Legends shopping center during the day on Saturday and walked them past the store fronts for Trick-or-Treating. A local KC radio station hosted a costume contest. It was a mad house.

The only thing that I will say about it is that if you are going to host a contest where you parade a few hundred children in costume past a panel of judges who are going to select the 10 best costumes, it would help if the judges arrived at the judge’s table before the parade started rather than halfway through the parade of costumes, consequently only selecting winners from the latter half of the line of contestants. I don’t mind that our children were not selected. I don’t mind that ten winners received prizes. I was a little annoyed at the DJ who kept saying things like, “But, we’re all winners today!” I kept thinking, “No, there are only ten winners of your contest today, and your condescending, make-everyone-feel-good attitude is a part of what is wrong with this country.” There were ten winners. Why can’t they leave it at that?

I know, I know.  Too cranky for my own good.

The Boss is a talented and creative person, and we are especially grateful to have back at home with us after last year’s deployment. I realize that in the grand scheme of things, Halloween costumes really are not that important, but watching her at work this past month made me genuinely appreciate how much better life is for children when they have a mom and a dad who work together.


CrossView said...

Wow! The Boss is extremely talented! Tell her I said "Great job!". of course, that praise is from someone who can't/won't sew. So I truly appreciate that talent of hers.

I'm glad you all go to do the family thing with the whole family. We've had plenty of those where one is missing. Always better as a whole!

And tell the Boss to have a wonder-filled "Well Deserved Gift Day".

TobyBo said...

I hope you all have a wonderful day on Well Deserved Gift Day, and some Well Deserved Cake, even if you eschew candles.

I personally am still celebrating birthdays though the numbers are getting large. I remind myself the Bible says only good things about aging.

Those costumes are wonderful. And no one could forget the shield. :)

The_Kid said...

All good stuff Arby. As long as the kids had a good time.

Kathleen said...

To the Boss,

I am officially envious of your incredible talent!! I think we've done Wal-Mart every year for costumes. I am both cheap and NOT talented with a sewing machine!!

Linda said...

You two have amazing talent. The children look fantastic.
You could sell swords and shields.
Ah-hem...You have a buyer in TX if you are interested.
Be thankful that you two can work together. Lacking that is one of the great sadnesses in my life.

Kellie said...

Very cool costumes! But I am still impressed with your last year's efforts! Tell the Gen. that the Pirate Mom said he makes a good Jack Sparrow.

TobyBo said...

I bopped over to check on how the Well Deserved Celebration is going but maybe it is too early in your time zone to party yet. :)

Mrs. A said...

Awesome costumes!! Please pass on "Happy Well Deserved Gift Day" wishes to the Boss. My Mr.B has one of those coming up on Firday. I think we're going to go horseback riding to celebrate. Should be blogworthy...