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The "Obama Treatment"

Thursday, July 08, 2010


WorldNetDaily Exclusive

Senate-seeker wants Obama birth-certificate treatment

Mexican-born candidate: 'If I didn't prove citizenship, I'd be removed from the ballot.'

Posted: July 08, 2010

By Chelsea Schilling

A Mexican-born candidate for U.S. Senate said he is considering a lawsuit against the Missouri secretary of state for discrimination because her office forced him to produce a birth certificate but "didn't make Obama show proof of citizenship" to appear on the ballot.

Hector Maldonado, 38, a self-described "Lincolnian Republican conservative," is seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Missouri. He was born one of 10 children in Durango, Mexico. His father is a migrant field worker who owns a small hog ranch in Perris, Calif.

Maldonado, a U.S. Army combat veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, explains on his website that he became a U.S. citizen in 1995. But he said Secretary of State Robin Carnahan sent him a letter in May asking him to produce documentation.

"It said, 'Hey, you have to prove you're a citizen.' I ignored it," he said. "You know, Obama ignored it, so I figured I could get away with it, too."

The audience began laughing, applauding and cheering during his statement.

Maldonado continued, "But it's not that simple. I didn't get away with it. I got a certified letter from Ms. Robin Carnahan's office saying that if I did not prove that I was a U.S. citizen, then I would be removed from the ballot."

He claims Carnahan's office gave him a deadline of May 12.

"I got all my documents together: my birth certificate, which is a Mexican birth certificate; my naturalization certificate; my orders sending me to Iraq and Afghanistan; my bronze-star citations and a couple of officer evaluations that say I'm a pretty good and effective leader," he said. "So I brought all this documentation, and they were only interested in the naturalization certificate. They made a photocopy of it."

Maldonado said he asked Carnahan's office if his citizenship documentation would be public record and available to anyone who wants a copy.

"They said, oh yes, absolutely, anyone that wants proof, we have it," he explained. "I said, OK, can you do me a favor then? I'm sure Ms. Carnahan requested the same of Barack Obama when he petitioned to get on the Missouri ballot to become president."

He added, "They had no response. They had nothing."

"I'm actually considering suing Ms. Robin Carnahan because she discriminated against me," he said. "She has said that her job is to protect Missouri from fraud and corruption. But the fraud that she created if she did not make Mr. Obama show proof of citizenship when he petitioned to get on the Missouri ballot … all the votes that he got should be taken back."

He said he hopes citizens of other states sue their own secretaries of state if they cannot show they requested proper documentation from Obama before allowing him to appear on the state ballot.

"Sooner or later, he's going to have to prove – based on our demand – that he is in fact a U.S.-born citizen," he said.

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A bronze star winning former US Army officer with service in Iraq and Afghanistan becomes a naturalized citizen and tries to run for office. I'd say this gentleman has done more good for this country, and has served this country better, than our current sitting president. As far as suing Robin Carnahan is concerned, I hope he does. She did her job when she certified him as eligible to serve, but by not doing the same for then candidate Obama she set a dangerous precedent. I hope he exposes her for the partisan that she is.


L. said...

That Obama has failed/refused to provide the American public with a birth certificate is outrageous and unacceptable. Come on America! Wake up! Demand AND GET that birth certificate!!!

Michelle said...

Yet reason 1,473 why I can't stand Obama! Oh, and thanks for the pay raise for next year. A whopping 1.4%! And that's after he cut the one for last year that Bush had already set up. Gee, thanks for supporting the military buddy.

Khourt said...

You should add this to your "You might be a racist" post....

Anonymous said...

SOOO incredibly frustrating. Our "elite" president and his cronies think that he (and they) are above the law that they demand that the rest of us must abide by. That is a VERY scary precedent.

Big Doofus (Roger) said...

While I didn't for for him, I thought the Obama birth certificate issue was put to bed a long time ago. Hawaii has the certificate and vouched for it. What more needs to be done?

Stephanie said...

I agree with Roger - He HAS shown his birth certificate. It HAS to be recorded and confirmed before the swearing in can take place, if not before you can even run.

I HATE how so many people can't get the wool from over their eyes on any party. You can't whine about the people of the opposite party when you blindly follow those of your own. There are good and bad on all sides. Unfortunately, I think the U.S. may be heading towards something - maybe not another civil war, but something similar.

Ugh! Just makes me sad all around.....:(

The_Kid said...

I hope he sues and I hope they hound obama into oblivion.

tsinclair said...

I think the issue (in this post)is more than just does he have his birth certificate. This lady required this person to provide proof or he would be removed from the ballot. This will be available for the public to see, but it was not required for Obama to be on the ballot?

How do you justify one and not the other?

jedijson said...

I agree, tsinclair. I mean, yes, the people in Hawaii have "sort of" put the issue concerning the birth certificate to bed, but not really. They're only vouching for it. What the issue is here is that Missouri is making this guy's personal information public record--yet the PotUS information is most definitely NOT. There's so much information that we're not seeing that NO OTHER PRESIDENT has EVER hidden from us. You may not like GW, but I'm absolutely certain that, if asked, he'd produce his birth certificate, no problem. This joker? Absolutely NOT.