Monday, August 16, 2010

The Homeschool Apologist

You may have noticed a new entry on my blog roll. The new blog is The Homeschool Apologist. I started The Homeschool Apologist as a sight where I can refute common criticisms of homeschooling in the news, as well as provide a forum for homeschoolers interested in reading and discussing the same. I have plans on expanding The Homeschool Apologist with a few services unique to homeschooling websites. I will announce those as they develop. Most importantly, I wanted a homeschooling forum separate from Boarding in Bedlam, which focuses on family life.

To help make this venture a success I invited Linda Difino, aka Prodoceo, to co-host the blog. She eagerly accepted the offer. Linda is a veteran homeschooler of four children. She’s been educating her children at home for over twenty years. Her oldest recently graduated college while her youngest is in second grade. She’s smart, funny, writes very well, and does not hesitate to explain why homeschooling is the best option for a child’s education. Linda writes at The Joyful Journey.

I encourage anyone interested in homeschooling to bookmark the site and visit regularly. Spread the news of this site amongst your homeschooling family and friends. There are already four entries. There are many more to come. I hope you enjoy the blog.

Now, I’m off to paint the back of the house.



Kathleen said...

What a great idea, Arby!! And to include Linda too!! I got to meet her, did I mention that?? :)

Linda said...

"Eagerly" doesn't quite describe it. I'm beyond ecstatic!!

Linda said...

LOL, Kathleen!!!

TobyBo said...

great idea!

Brownie said...

This is beyond great! Very timely for me as I return to homeschooling Blondie and am already receiving criticism.