Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Paint Inspector

Yesterday, an inspector came by to look over my paint job. Haley found me standing on a folding ladder in my backyard, cutting around the windows and door trim. She hopped onto the second support arm of the ladder and watched me work. Haley is, of course, one of the two Golden Comet pullets we purchased last spring.


Bennett, is nowhere near as curious as is Haley. Haley follows me around the backyard, pecks at bugs, and watches my every move. She just likes to hang out, and sitting on my ladder and watching me paint the house is her new favorite past time.

When she isn’t watching me paint, she is joining the rest of the birds in the shade of my neighbor’s pumpkin patch, which has grown up and over the fence and into our back yard. I knew they were enjoying the shade and all the squash bugs they could eat, but a closer investigation showed that there was more going on beneath the thick canopy of green leaves.

They were having pumpkin for lunch!


Mama Bear said...

I hope either this is your side of the fence or you have understanding neighbors.

joysandrewards said...

That's what the neighbor gets for letting the pumpkins take over your yard!! So if you roast the chicken right now...you'll be having pumpkin pie WITH your chicken!?!?!?

The_Kid said...

She's a cutie.

jugglingpaynes said...

Oh no! I hope your neighbor doesn't mind too much! I love chickens, yours are so cute. :o)

Peace and Laughter!

GingerB said...

I just hope the inspector is happy with your efforts or she'll issue you a stop work order and demand more squash varieties.