Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Major Havoc!

Today our middle child turns 8 years old. Some people say they grow up so fast. With Major Havoc, we can truly say we've felt every day of the past 8 years and nine months.

To say our middle child is special is a gross understatement. To anyone who's met him, this is very obvious. He's put us through our paces for the better part of the decade.

He's always been a bit more anxious than most of the kids around him. More easily upset, more nervous, more affected by the world around him.  He's also always been more tender, more gentle, more heartfelt and more appreciative.

Our middle child is also one of the most photogenic people I've ever met. His face holds no secrets. You can read his emotions like a book. So, to honor our favorite 8 year old boy today, we'd like to wish him a very, very happy birthday.

Here was the Major's birth announcement. Yes, he was a chubby little guy. But, he was over 2 1/2 lbs smaller than his older brother! Mom was relieved to have such a small baby this time.

We found out early how photogenic the Major was. His smile can light up a room! This was his 2nd Halloween.

 The Major spent a lot of his babyhood on dad's back. What a view from up here!

The Major was a climber! He climbed, pushed, explored, and manuevered at a very early age. 

Along with this adventurous side of his personality came a lot of bumps and bruises.

Really, just look at that face! What a great looking kid!

(And snotty nose!)

The Major has given us fits about sleep since he was born. Because of his throat problems, he spent his first 6 weeks pretty much sleeping on mom or dad's chest at night. And for as much as he dislikes sleeping in his own bed to this day, he seems to be able to sleep pretty much everywhere else...

But for all the ups and downs, the fun times and the tough, you are one of the most loving, appreciative, gentle, and genuine people we know. And every day we are grateful that God blessed us with you as our son.

Happy 8th Birthday!

Love, Mom and Dad

This guest blog is brought to you courtesy of The Boss. 


Becky said...

What a cutie he is and what an awesome Dad you are! ~ Happy Birthday to your little man!

Brownie said...

What wonderful pictures! Great looking kid!


Oklahoma Granny said...

All the photos are adorable but the 5th one from the bottom of your post is just so special. And I have to ask - why was the Major so happy about a loaf of bread?

Happy 8th Birthday to the Major!

Arby said...

Oklahoma Granny –

A loaf of bread meant that he was able to eat a “po” before bed. “Po” was the name he came up with for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When you look at the Major you are looking at 53 pounds of peanut butter. He loves the stuff.

TobyBo said...

enjoy the celebration!

The_Kid said...

He's going to be a lady killer alright. A polite one I'm sure.

GingerB said...

No, the 8th from the bottom is the best . . . and I did wonder about the bread. See that look with bottles and Barbies around here.

He is lovely. Send the Boss back soon, I loved the retrospective.

Marlis said...

AWwwwwww, what a bruise. Happy Birthday kiddo!

Arby said...


I love that picture too. He let us take that picture of him when we told him we wanted a picture of snuggle bear. Snuggle bear is his favorite toy. He got him from Santa when he was about 3 months old. He sleeps laying over the Major's neck to this day.

Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

jugglingpaynes said...

Happy birthday to your sweet middle child. He is adorable! My son sported a lot of bruises in his time as well. They build character. :o)

Peace and Laughter!