Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Late Monday Night

So, we went to Karate last night and Captain Chaos cooperated extremely well. We learned a few basic moves such as the front thrust kick and escape-from-Stranger-Danger maneuvers. She was as coordinated and attentive as any other six year old in the class. At the end of class, Sensei made us play a game where we crab walked around the gym while parent-helpers walked around trying to hit us with foam blockers. We had to keep moving, stopping only long enough to throw a Raising Block to protect our noggins. There were fifty kids and a few adults crab walking around in an embarrassing mass of humanity. I noticed that Captain Chaos wasn’t participating. I realized that she didn’t know how to do a crab walk. I went over to her and helped her get in the crab walk position so that she could participate. She tried her best and had fun. Near the end of class, Sensei asked the entire class what they learned. One student called out, “Front thrust kick!” Another student called out, “Stranger danger!” Captain Chaos called out, “Crab walking!”

Upon arriving at class both the Boss and I told the kind building supervisor who always listens to Monday Night Football on the radio not to tell us the score of the Packers/Bears game. A cheese-head by birth, the Boss bleeds green and gold. How this Bear fan met, fell in love with, and made children with a Packer fan is beyond my limited mortal understanding. It just goes to show you how powerful those wily womanly ways really are. Watching two Bears/Packers football games each year is a tradition that dates back to 1995. Our DVR was scheduled to record the game. Bob had a good laugh, and promised not to say a word. We watched the game after we returned home.

There’s a problem with recording football games. Frequently they last longer than three hours, the length of time allotted to a game on a standard TV schedule. Last night’s game was no exception. Late in the fourth quarter, after the Bears’ Brian Urlacher stripped the ball from a Packer receiver with 2:18 left to play in the game, the recording stopped. THE RECORDING STOPPED! It was 12:15 am Tuesday morning. We stayed up late to watch THE rivalry of the year, and THE RECORDING STOPPED! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!

That is, of course, what the Boss said when we went online and learned that the Bears kicked a field goal with 4 seconds left in the game. They won 20-17. I’m lucky the Boss loves me as much as she does, or I might have needed a couple of those self-defense moves that I learned earlier last night.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Too bad there is no video of the crab-walking exercise. We've record Nascar races in the past when we didn't get the whole race. Now we try to always remember to record an extra hour or so.

Michelle said...

We did watch the game. Sorry, I have to support the Bears. Sorry boss!

You should have videotaped the crab walking, then you could have both laughed! lol

Brownie said...

The crab walking would have been fun to see!

TobyBo said...

A++ on the alliteration of ""Wily womanly ways."