Monday, November 29, 2010

How Arby Stopped the Contest

How Arby Stopped the Contest
(with apologies to Dr. Seuss)

Every Blogger

in Blog-ville

Enjoyed The H-S-B-A a lot...

But Arby,

Who lived just North of Blog-ville,

Did NOT!

Arby hated the blog awards! The whole awards season!

Now, please don't ask why. He won’t tell you the reason.

You might guess his head wasn't screwed on quite right.

You might guess, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight.

Or you might think that the most likely reason of all

May be that he’s cranky.

Nothing more.

That’s all.


Whatever the reason, his heart or his shoes,

He read a blog comment with unwelcomed news.

About yet another year's blog nomination,

A virtual, computer based, a-bomination.

His heart should be grateful, he knew that was true.

But he honestly thought, “Oh, this just will not do!”

"They're hosting their contest!" he snarled with a sneer.

"The contest has started! The results will be here!"

Then he got an idea! An awful idea!


"I know just what to do!" Arby laughed in his throat.

“I know how stop them from casting a vote.”

Then he shot off an e-mail, with a loud shout,

"I don’t like your contest. KEEP MY BLOG OUT!"

The blog awards took his blog out of the running,

With nary a query ‘bout the annual shunning.

“But as to your request, we cannot give an ear,

We’re too busy to remember to drop you each year.

Go ask your readers who submitted your name,

To stop with this blog award nom’nating game.”

So, Arby asks his readers with the most careful care,

As each fall approaches and you prepare,

To submit all the blogs that you truly enjoy,

Before taking a vacation to Illinois.

Please don’t send in Bedlam to those blog awards,

Just leave him a comment,

It's the best of rewards!


Kathleen said...

Ha! Not that I know where to go to nominate, but I shall respect your wishes! So what I thought this post was about when I first started in is the find the wreath contest. If memory serves, you passed the wreath on to Crossview? So I should be bothering her about it?

Arby said...

With apologies, I have absolutely no idea as to the current status of the wreath or the contest that goes with it. I do have an idea as to my status with a former regular blog reader. I'm not everyone's cup of tea. ;)

jugglingpaynes said...

I saw you on the Best Homeschool Dad list early in November when someone told me I was nominated (again). I voted for you. Sorry! I'm not crazy about the whole thing myself, and I admit to being curious why you don't like them. For me, I'm just not interested in awards. Like you, I would rather get comments. I also tend to feel embarrassed about promoting myself to garner votes. There is a reason I'm not a politician!

Peace and Laughter!

Papa Bear said...

I'm of two minds on this. I first found your blog in from an awards site (I think it was this one) Nov '09 when I was looking for blogs by other homeschooling Dads. I subscribed to this one and a few others. I ended up dropping them all, except yours and Sometimes I'm Actually Coherent, which has had exactly 2 posts in 2010. (Anyone who makes chain mail for his toddlers has got to be cool in my book.)

Arby said...

P.B., I wish Tim would start blogging again. I always enjoyed his posts. And the chain mail was cool!

Michelle said...

Personally, I love your blog. I didn't nominate you, I never know where or when to nominate anyone. I'm lucky I know what day of the week it is!! lol

TobyBo said...


Nikowa Lee {Quirky Mom} said...

You are SO creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Timothy Power said...

I'm still alive and kicking! I may have dropped off the edge of the internet, but I haven't dropped off the edge of the world. I still lurk around a lot...