Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mrs. Bloom Was An Unflappable Old Broad

Here's an educational fail.

This story hits close to home because I not only have chickens, but I dropped a rubber chicken on Mrs. Bloom at the senior assembly during my last year of high school. Of course, it was supposed to drop down and swing on a thin wire over her head, but the wire broke, and the rubber chicken hurtled to the stage floor at roughly the speed of...the gravitational pull on a rubber chicken, I guess. Mrs. Bloom was an unflappable old broad. One minute she's talking to the entire graduating class and the next there's a rubber chicken bouncing at her feet. She acted like it had dropped on cue. I lost a good rubber chicken that day.

But, I digress.

Via CBSNews and the Drudge Report...

Out in New Jersey, a senior prank involving three students and some live chickens resulted in criminal charges. The students "may not be able to walk through graduation ceremony and take part in other senior activities." Their crime?

"Cesareo and Tyler Bruno said they bought live chickens from a store in Newark and pushed the chickens through a window at Woodbridge High School in the middle of the night. A janitor found them in the morning before school started."

The students are being charged with trespassing. “The 18-year-old faces a $1,000 fine and six months in prison, but it’s unlikely he’ll face any time. A judge can give him community service.”

Here’s the kicker. The police said, “It may have been a joke to them, but…it wouldn’t have been so funny if a student got hurt.”


Does common sense exist in this country anymore? There are a variety of ways to handle this situation, but criminal charges are ridiculous! Are we actually going to give three kids a permament criminal record over a prank involving chickens?!


They aren’t a threat to her safety, or anyone else’s. Oh, there are a few bugs that should be concerned, but no worries. With six birds, anything with six legs won’t live long enough to fret.

Administrators at Woodbridge High School need to get a grip!

You can read the entire story here.


Kathleen said...

Ha ha ha!!! Sounds to me like the only ones trespassing were the chickens since they were pushed through the window and not actually set free from inside the school. But, who knows, perhaps a chicken could have hurt a student's self-esteem somehow (if it pooped on somebody??), and THAT, by today's educational standards, would be criminal.

Lady Chadwick said...

Can you be charged with 'breaking and NOT entering?"

Oklahoma Granny said...

And to think back when my daughter was in middle school a boy threw a cherry bomb into a toilet during school hours. All he received in punishment was in-school suspension. Considering the chicken story I can only imagine what his punishment would be today.

The_Kid said...

Meanwhile hundreds of teachers are on paid suspension in 'romper rooms, sometimes running businesses or just playing' for being guilty of various levels of molestation of the students.
Do they get fined? Nope, they get paid.

Something is not like the other.

Some Guy said...

"it wouldn’t have been so funny if a student got hurt."

But no one did get hurt, so there should be no problem.

I may possibly get into an accident and hurt someone with my car, but I hope I don't get pulled over just for driving my car because someone might be injured.

I haven't watched Minority Report, but now might be a good time to do so.

Linda said...

Good grief. Senior prank, Enterprise High School 1985. COUNTLESS baby chicks let loose on the quad/atrium. They scolded, they laughed, they got over it. No wonder teens are always in trouble; no one has a sense of humor any more.
Meanwhile, countless Wisconsin teachers trespass on the capitol, and they call it another day.

Arby said...

I'd rather have the chicks.

tsinclair said...

Odd...when I was in school, teachers were allowed to paddle and discipline for the more common sense problems. Now, a teacher has no discipline control and yet we can kick out of school or arrest students for things like this (and other intelligent reasons as well of course)