Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This Is NOT How You Measure Electricity

So, I walked in the door and The Boss stared at me.  "Did you get my text?" she asked.

That's a moment for a gulp. 

"No.  I leave my phone in the car when I'm in karate, " I explained, wondering whether or not I was in trouble. "What's up?"

"Just check your texts," she told me.

I grabbed my phone, opened the text, and saw this

Yikes!  That's my kitchen!  That's one of my wall sockets.  It's the socket where my radio is plugged in.  Then I saw the second picture...

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"I'm fine," she replied.  "Your Bears tape measure, however, is not."

Leave it to the Packers fan to ground my Bears tape measure while measuring the kitchen.  Apparently, she lost control of the tape measure, and it slid onto the plug for our printer.

The teenager saw the large flash of light and came running.  Instinctively, the Boy Scout grabbed his phone and took a picture.  Glad to see his priorities are straight.

Half the outlets in our kitchen were dead, as was a radio and our microwave.  Luckily, they all survived.  I flipped the breaker back to "on" and everything came back to life.  All I had to do was reset the time on the microwave and the radio, and all of my presets.

And the Boss is alright.  Amused, but alright. 


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Michelle said...

How scary!! Thank goodness everyone is okay!! Quick question, is the Boss measuring up a project for you? hehe
And the Boy Scout, great job. My son would do that too, he's had good training from his scrapbooking mom!!